Friday, April 3, 2020

Life in Lockdown - Day 10 of 21, April 3, 2020

Day 10. Uneventful. No news. No WhatsApp groups.

Started the day doing my gratitude journal work, checked messages, replied and made a few calls. Far lesser calls today for some reason. I was in the mood to clean and went after it - one after another - one room after another. My current philosophy is to put everything that we are not using regularly away in some closed storage so there's less clutter. It's amazing how much stuff we have that we don't use or that does not belong where it currently is residing. This went on almost till lunch!
Pic courtesy - Satish Nargundkar
Started reading Bruce Lee's biography by Mathew Polly. Quite interesting - Bruce Lee did before 'Enter the Dragon' released! And at 32. Anyway, it's a large tome. Had identified 'Rocketman' the biopic of Elton John to watch and watched that this afternoon. Worthy watch and it was fun listening to his great numbers. My plan of doing an Elton John night did not materialise today - maybe tomorrow.

Outside the mood is more relaxed. People are trickling about and I saw a few construction workers moving about, some youngsters walking about in groups.

Meditation in evening as all days. That's one routine that's fallen into place. Madhav called me from the US and he tells me that in Houston pretty much everything is open except bars and restaurants. Well, they seem to have a different way of going about things.

The few calls today were to Vasu. Choudary, Peddakka, Ajay, Madhav, Pooja and a couple more I can't remember. Anjali's online classes are on full swing. Shobhs is doing stuff online too. Today I have also been asked to take online classes for the University students. We start Monday.

I did not see the PMs address today, but apparently, he told everyone to switch off the lights at home on the 5th from 9 pm to 909 pm and give aarti or stand outside our houses like it were one huge IPL match. I don't know what the idea behind it is but I am waiting for the cosmic explanations to come tomorrow onwards.

The big highlight of the day - we all played table tennis on the dining table today for an hour. Anjali and I continued after Shobhs retired and it was great fun.

What's the Lesson to Learn?
There's some talk of 'I hope the lesson is learned' and I wonder what is the lesson we learned from this experience? What have I learned, and how will I show it in my behavior? I haven't figured that out really. I definitely will value people, the simple pleasures more, but still have to put my hand on what exactly I would do. Realign my priorities, live more as myself, be more open and out there. Let me figure - I certainly will by the end of this period.

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