Monday, April 27, 2020

Life in Lockdown - Day 34 of 44 (or more), April 27, 2020

Day 34

Life began quietly as always. Journal, hot water lemon ginger salt, sit with nature, chores (the culprit) and off for a visit to buy stuff. I saw our happy GHMC sweepers and offered them my bit - I told them I'll keep a bunch of candy or toffee at the gate and they can dip into it. The lady was quite happy - funny she took only a few though I told her to take the lot. The next time I went to the gate they were missing.
Capturing the sun!

The battery gave in and Carlos would not start. I wondered what to do, whether to risk push starting it and then risk getting stuck out at the shop. Then I said, let's risk, get help etc. I asked the garbage chaps, Mahendra and Shiva, to give me a start and Carlos was off like a shot. I parked at Polimera, on an incline, just in case.

The chap at the security was pleased to see me. 'Kya hai sir?' Late aaye aaj?' He gave me plastic gloves and sanitiser. It's been a fortnight since I've been here. Anyway, it felt good to be recognised for whoever. The rush and panic is palpably less - one can sense that clearly. I picked up my stuff, paid, wished my fan good bye and walked hesitantly to Carlos. Now Carlos started like a shot and I was off happily revving it.

Buoyed by Carlos's spirit I risked going to Ratnadeep which had a much smaller crowd now. 'Only one member of the family allowed inside' screamed a board. All those couples who came, looked helpless suddenly. How will they shop alone? How can they be separated? Anyway, I got in in less than 20 minutes - a record. I wound up pretty soon and well Carlos didn't let me down again. I know the battery was weakening. I better start it every day now onwards.

I checked on our rasalu and found some 20 odd in good shape. Some solid sizes too. Lunch and mango for dessert. Work and then the evening meditation. Before I realised it, a couple of calls and its dinner time.

Chores -The Time Eater
I finally figured that the daily chores are the time eaters. Washing dishes takes  30, so in a day, an hour and a half goes, sweeping and mopping takes an hour and a half despite my most cursory efforts, stepping out and coming back is like going to war and coming back, an hour and a half or more including the sanitising and tada...the biggest killer is the phone. Every call is no less then 20 minutes and some go on for 40.

I am very wary of Zoom calls these days. The family and friends types.

Mangoes from Heaven
22 of the juiciest.

2 down.

Krishna Sent Me This - A Patachitra Depicting the Virus Times
It's a rare art, Patachitra, it combines paintings with songs on social issues to pass on meaningful information. Swarna Chitrakaar from Paschim Medinipur, Bengal, has captured the COVID 19 journey in her Patachitra. Check out the video in the link.

Business is Barking Life In The Dreamhouse Barbie - Video Dailymotion

Amar Writes a Poem
My good friend Amar Chegu wrote and shared a poem. 'The Writing on the Wall'. Thanks Amar.

On and on. Until tomorrow!

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