Thursday, April 16, 2020

Life in Lockdown - Day 23 of 40, April 16, 2020

Day 23

After watching 'Escape from Alcatraz' and reading a bit from the book I woke up late. Chores, journal, and then I realised that I have a big session with the University students in the online class about performance management so I prepared for it all morning, made the Powerpoint presentation and just about made it to the three O clock class.

Vijay, Swaroop, Moses and Krishnan keep sending me newspapers and magazines and comics to read - far too many for me to read but I am eternally thankful to them. I might just catch up on my reading. With all these classes table tennis has gone out of the window. The heat is really picking up.

Bravo Pankaj and Aarti - Heroes of the Day
A couple of days ago, our very own Pankaj from the MBA class put up details of how he and a few friends have taken it upon themselves to help migrant workers and shared details in the group. Immediately Ramana, Vijay, Krishna and some others pitched in. Pankaj shared pictures of him and his wife Aarti distributing grocery packets to the migrant families. I called him today to find out more about it.

He said there was a not-for-profit organisation called Society for Cyberabad Security Council (SCSC) an organisation with representatives from IT companies in Cyberabad, which works in tandem with the police wing of the Rachakonda Cyberabad police, which coordinated between those in need of food in these lockdown days and those who wish to volunteer and share. The three types of packages are mentioned in the website - cooked food, groceries and hygiene (masks, gloves, sanitary pads etc).

Pankaj called the control room and they told them where those in need were - those with no bank account, ration card - those with no help from anyone including the government. Based on this information Pankaj chose to go to Bahupally yesterday and some other faraway place today.
An SCSC volunteer carrying bags

If the area is in a red zone, the police escort you. Pankaj said he was very impressed with the organised manner in which the police are working. The normal fear of delay, corruption were nowhere to be seen and they organised everything very well.

In fact, when the police found that it was Aarti's birthday yesterday, the DCP asked them to stay back and have lunch with him. Lovely.
Pankaj and Aarti with the DCP
A memorable birthday lunch for Aarti
And it's great to see the fun-loving, globetrotting couple, Pankaj and Aarti, sweating it out in the heat and doing their bit, generating support form others, inspiring those they come across to do something to help.
Waiting for relief, far away from home
In fact, Pankaj said the problem was reaching out to those who lived in few numbers - who needed just two or three packs.
The large shelter homes were being reached out to but these forgotten people are not getting any. He said he was concentrating on the migrant labour camps, those from Bihar etc.
Food distribution in progress
Super job Pankaj bhai, you're one of my heroes of the lockdown.

Online Classes Going On
The online class went off well, long, for 2 hours. Tomorrow will be the last class and its unfortunate we couldn't spend quality time, because the online classes suffer because of network issues etc. This was a good batch and that's a pity.

The day's are still flying past.

What Has Gone Out?
I realised that the one thing I am not doing these days is waiting for anything. Everything comes at its own time, no hurry. Hmm. No more waiting.

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