Thursday, April 16, 2020

Anjali - Thoughtfulness

My job during these lockdown days is to wash dishes and I do that quite enthusiastically three times a day. Anjali chose jhaadu, poncha and washing clothes - which is a big ask - but she took it on. (With her classes and homework we now split that between us.) Also, washing clothes in the washing machine and hanging them up and then taking them off and folding them is her job.

I notice that these days, she is the first to wake up and is at washing clothes in the machine and feeding Maya by herself. In the initial days, she'd forget to take them off and fold them but now I see a new resolve in her as she completes the job dutifully.

But what struck me most was when I was washing dishes the other day and found a plate less to wash. And then I realised she had washed her plate. I asked her and she nodded with a smile. It's been that way ever since, she washes her plate.

I have one plate less to wash. Thoughtful. In fact she asked me 'Is your work a little less now?' It is my dear.

I also like the way she categorically tells me to wear my mask when I step out - even before the mask-on days. A perfect balance between concern and seriousness. She knows I can get casual about these things.

Reminded me of the starfish story from the first Chicken Soup book where this guy is walking along a beach where thousands of starfish have been washed on to the beach during high tide and are stranded and dying. This guy walks along and picks one starfish here and one there and tosses them back into the sea. When the author asks him what difference it ould make by throwing one back when thousands were dying, that man does not respond and merely picks up another and throws it back. Then he looks at the author and says 'It made a difference to that one there.' Life's like that. Not about grand gestures. The small, thoughtful ones are important. One fish. One plate.

Thanks Anjali. 

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