Sunday, April 19, 2020

Life in Lockdown - Day 26 of 40, April 19, 2020

Day 26

After watching two movies back-to-back last night I woke up late. Sat with my hot water lemon honey ginger concoction doing my journal outside when a heavenly wind blew golden leaves off the tree, a veritable shower of gold. I didn't have the camera but it was beautiful.

Morning routine fulfilled. I timed my dishwashing speed and found that I can do about 30-40 dishes in 18 minutes. Didn't measure my jhadu speed though. Bro Joseph called to tell me to do a teacher's seminar at Boy's Town when the lockdown is lifted and things are back to normal. I told him I'd do that any day.

No time to call any others - planned to call Baig sir and others but made no further progress before lunch. Post lunch I sat with great resolve to complete the University cricket story I was writing and made some progress on it. Then I watched a video of Vijay Lokapally's interview by WV Raman. Vijay recently retired from The Hindu and is among India's foremost sports journalist. He's a lovely man and a great friend. Here's the link to his interview. Pretty nice.

Evening meditation is turning out to be my excuse to go into deep sleep. Then back to writing a bit.

Some wonderful videos
Sunnie sent me these two videos of a woman from Tuni in Andhra Pradesh buying soft drinks for the cops on duty - she earns only 3500 per month but felt she should do something and offered these soft drinks to the police on duty. They were very grateful to her, and instead of taking her soft drinks gave her some of their own. A couple of days later the police chief Gautam Sawang called her and thanked her personally and saluted her for her concern and large-hearted gesture.

Clearly, the poor feel the pain better than anyone else. They have a larger heart than any in terms of giving from what they have or many times form what they do not have also. Thanks for sharing Sunnie.

I also remember reading a story of a woman police constable in Karnataka who had saved money for her father's treatment and who donated that money away from the migrant labour. Let me find it. If you have any such story, please share.

This is one about two migrant workers from Rajasthan who work in the granite industry in Kasargod, who donated their savings of Rs. 5000 to the CM's fund.

And one of police personnel cooking for migrant workers who have no food.

And a sad one
A 13 minute video of a woman Priya walking 475 km from Delhi to Kanpur with three young children. It's crazy.

Food pics
I got several food pics today from Pavan who is a wonderful cook anyway. He has been indulging his kids with his culinary skills in the lockdown and here are some samples.
Chilly prawns
Lovely stuff.

Hemant Shared Songs
Hemant sent me seven songs that he recorded - out of the blue. I sent him one that I had recorded some time ago.

Now to take a break from a long day at work.

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