Sunday, April 26, 2020

Life in Lockdown - Day 33 of 44 (or more), April 26, 2020

Day 33

It's getting hotter. My routine is getting sharper. The day flies by smooth as butter. Never before has it been so smooth. Chores, cleaning bookshelf, Anjali made labels and lunch. Post lunch Niveditha wanted to interview me. She is on an interviewing spree - having interviewed some 15-20 people in the past two weeks. Today Vanathi decided to join her to interview me.
Pic Satish N

Despite internet connectivity issues etc we spoke for an hour or so where I pretty much ran my life - the cricket and writing angles mostly. Nice. I'll put up the link after she uploads it on YouTube.

Meditation at 5 where I slept deeply and well here I am after doing some perfunctory jobs. Calls from Rajesh and Mythily.

Krishna's Hilarious Piece in The Deccan Chronicle
Krishna wrote this in today's DC. Cracked me up.

Krishna Sent Me This - Innovative Auto WalaKrishna sent me this today - story of an autowala who converted his auto so people can sit and practice social distancing. So impressed was Anand Mahindra of Mahindra and Mahindra that he said he must get the autowala on his R&D team.

The Mangoes are Ripe
I peeped into the place where the mangoes are being ripened. A faint smell wafted out and I checked a couple. They were soft enough. I decided to try one, the first of the season, first of the seventy or so in stock. Lovely. Sweet as any sweet rasalu can be. Funnily I never liked the rasalu when i was young, primarily to do with the messy affair. But these days I love the homegrown ones.
First rasalu of the season - now gone after fulfilling its life purpose!
Thanks Mom! It's close to two decades since you left, almost forty-five years since you planted this mango tree and it still feeds us, the neighbours, the boys who steal them. What a story!

It's been a quiet day on many fronts. So I'm planning to chill off without complicating it too much. There's a Zoom call with the nephews at 9. What's with them? I'll find out.

Food Pics
Pavan sent me pics of bread and eggs and pathar ka ghost. He's on a roll.
Bread omlet
Pathar ka ghost
Pooja made a spread for Akshaya Tritiya1

Say Say Say
Just heard this from the past. Paul McCartney teamed up with Michael Jackson to make this song. Pump up the volume and it will sound good. Why didn't I like it then? Maybe because of Paul. Sorry paul.

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