Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Lessons Others Taught Me 2 - Satish Nargundkar

Now Dr. Satish Nargundkar, is a Professor at the Georgia State University but is also a Hapkido instructor and black belt, among many other things. He learned his Hapkido skills from his master, Master Chang, a man with amazing insights and skills. Once Master Chang apparently cured a serious injury that Satish had - through sheer energy. Satish and I, when he comes to India, go on long morning walks or have long talks about this and that because he has varied interests in life and many experiences. Of the many, the big lesson I picked up from him was this.

Satish told me several years ago that Master Chang insisted on two things done well - make your bed every morning after you wake up and put your footwear in the right place after you come home. Looked simple enough. I decided to follow it. It's been ten years or more now. I make the bed (as well as I can) and put the footwear in place. Small things, but maybe they helped bring in some small change in me.

Then I saw this. A speech by Admiral McRaven at the University of Texas, Austin. Of the many points he makes in his speech, the first is to make your bed if you want to change the world.

Watch it.

And Satish, thanks for the lesson. Now I know why - you start with feeling that you accomplished something, encourage you to accomplish another and another. If you can't do the little things right, you can't do the big things.

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