Thursday, April 16, 2020

Home to Roost - Tessa Hainsworth

It was one of those books Anjali picked up at the seconds hand books market in Abids and it looked like a light read so I picked it up. Tessa writes about her move from London to the Cornish country and settling down to the rhythm of the village life.

Tessa describes the rural life well. She lives with her husband Ben, an amateur actor, two children and a dog and a rooster, Pavarotti. She works as a postwoman and meets many of her friends and clients in the village every day - the old lady Delia whose dementia is getting worse every day, Ginger, Clara and her kittens, the newcomers from London Kate and Leon who cannot adjust to the country life, her friend Annie. Their little dramas, relationships etc keep the book going at a happy pace. Completely feel good, and you can actually smell the sea as you read it. Enjoyed it.

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