Friday, August 12, 2022

Thought for the Day - Choose Your Mountain

 So we choose our mountains to climb in our life.

Pic Satish N

What we choose to climb is our choice.

So choose carefully - because you are climbing some mountain or another always. Make it worth it. Make it grow you.

Don't climb any random mountain. Drop those useless ones - find something worthy.

Thought for the Day - It's Air that Keeps Our Story Alive

 Consider this.

Pic courtesy - Satish Nargundkar

There's air that we breathe that keeps us alive. As long as we are alive, our story is alive. The moment we stop breathing, our story ends.

It's this invisible air that is keeping our story alive.

So what are we doing with our story? With all these breaths that are keeping us going. What exactly have we built, created? What do we plan to create with our remaining breaths? 

Unfold your story. Breathe in fully.

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Feedback Series - Arts Management

 Now this is one course I love taking - the Arts Management course in the Department of Dance at the University of Hyderabad. The course is to help the students manage their career as an artiste and involves everything like learning approaches. skill development, self management, performance management, people management, marketing management, financial management and even  energy management. 

Class of 2022

All these years I have not really asked for written feedback but this year I did. I'll post it here and keep adding as and when I get more.


Hello Sir,

I'm wholeheartedly giving my feedback. 

I learned a lot of things from your class, the way you motivated us is the next level. Before the Arts Management course I don't know how to manage my dance career, but after listening to our classes now I got a clarity regarding my dance career that is how to manage an institution, how to earn money, what is the right way to achieve our goals, what is the exact plan to reach our dreams and how to walk in the right path. These things I learned a lot from you. The Vision Statement is the first thing I started to build a career..the 4 steps to rapid skill acquisition i.e. deconstruct the skill etc...habits, the 2 minute rule and learning mindset...these are the building steps for my career sir...My goal is to start an institution, you gave clarity by teaching the 4Ps and the 3 As and finally you gave clarity about the financial management with all these works. I already started implementing these rules which you have taught...Teaching is different but you have los of patience are listening to each and every student's problems and their experiences and guiding them accordingly in the class.Thank you so much sir.

-Gone Bhargavi, MPA, 2022

Hai sir
Sahithi here

I am really very happy with your course sir, because learning dance is regular and it will go with a flow. But knowing our laggings and also making them correct is very important for us to grow, you gave that for is as much as possible. At first we thought it is a basic theory subject, but in entire MPA course, your course is the best one (heartfully).
And moreover you are treating is like your is a very good strength for us, may many students like us waiting for someone like you, we know our wrongs and lags, but we don't know how to correct them, but you are making them in right way.


Hello sir,
The course taken on Arts Management was inspirational. The topics covered under this course helped me to look at my goals logically and helped me figure out the small steps in achieving them. It gave me the right direction to work and help me build a positive attitude towards life.
As the sessions involved a lot of discussions, it helped me to speak up my mind and put my thoughts out there. It would have been better if we could even involve other Professors in one such session as you mentioned and if the course could be introduced from the 3rd semester itself as we would have time to monitor our development accordingly and would be able to have a healthy discussion with you regarding our progress.

Lastly, I would like to thank you regarding the efforts you have made in preparing the course pattern which is very unique and different topics that can be used in the field of dance which gave me the ability to look at my life from varied perspectives.

Thank you once again.
Jeevana Srinivas

Hello sir,

I would like to thank you for the wonderful sessions given by your sir.. Though I have attended few classes but in those only I have understood what is going to be the next life.. especially the 4 P's and 3 A's concept was very interesting for me.. and this subject is like a kind of motivation for us.

I also observed that you have lot of patience sir.. which I really don't have but by seeing your patience even I also want to be like you sir.. In a simple words you are the best teacher, mentor, motivator and a person inside out..

Yamini Reddy

Hello sir,

I am S S R N Lavanya.I fully enjoyed your lectures, you explained everything in detail and it made it easier for me to understand. The topics we learned are very useful for our future. After listening to your lectures we got some clarity about our future gaols, and how to deal with it. We planned everything with our visions we will work for it Thank you so much for showing the best way sir.

S S R N Lavanya

Monday, August 8, 2022

Darlings - Movie

 2022. Hindi. Alia Bhatt's first ventures as producers I thinks and commendable one justs for taking on somethings experimentals and reals. It's known that we hypocrites would not like our protagonists to kills or thinks of anything nasty untils we are forced to - and that some people in our ecosystems like mothers etc cannot be killers. But we sees that every days yet - we will rejects it even if its a storys.

So we have two darlings, Alias and Hamzas, in a lovey dovey love marriages, but only that Hamz is an alcoholics and a fellow with a splits personality. One is sweets and calls his wife 'darlings' and the other beats her ups and throws her down flights of stairs etc. But Alias believes he will change each time despite her widowed mother Shefali telling her that a scorpions cannot change its natures. So they go on until Alias loses her baby and she decides to turn things around a bits. What we do realise is that there are enough scorpions and frogs all around us. Nice ending. Makes you think. Good performances all arounds.

Thought for the Day - Life's Only About Now, Don't Fight the Future

 You realise that all we have is now. That the future and any speculation on it is pointless. To hold people to promises to be redeemed in the future makes no sense because the future is not here yet.

You're better off living and killing off each moment as it comes and goes. Don't project this moment into the future and mess what could be a better future than you can conceive. Don't limit it, don't fight it.

Let it come. Until then, be grateful for the last memory. For the present. The future will unfold magnificently. If you let it.  

Thought for the Day - Replace Judgment With Wonder

 When we replace judgment with wonder, we move from knowing the answers to being in a questioning mode. A wondrous mode.


So, instead of one possibility, we now have many possibilities. Isn't that beautiful?

Thought for the Day - Each Scene is a Story in Itself

 It's true. Every scene is a complete story in itself.

If we go deep into it.

Our life is like that. If we delve deep into our life, we find a story in every moment we live. Live deep.