Friday, July 19, 2024

Man Up - Movie


The thing is that I like British comedies because there is something inherently funny in the way they speak and go about life that I find quite compelling and that swung it this way. 34 year old young woman without love meets a guy who is looking for a blind date by pretending to be the blind date and they hit it off. There are consequences obviously and some interesting twists and turns but it all ends happily which is what we are always rooting for!

Yaay. Oh, by the way, the title 'Man Up' is the man telling the girl to man up and take a chance in life and not stay at the fringes! To love and lose is better than not to have loved at all he says.

I got my share of laughs so I am quite happy!

Life of Crime - Movie

 2013. English. Comedy.

Jennifer Aniston was the big draw to watch this on OTT but it turned out to be decent enough. A couple of loser kidnappers kidnap the wife of a guy (Tim Robbins) who is stashing away cash by cheating the system and find that there is no love lost between the husband and wife and that in fact he had served her divorce papers which she is not aware of. Meanwhile the husband has a love interest with one super chaalu girl called Melanie and well, in the end, it all works out well. Its funny in parts and is quite watchable. Aniston does make it worth the watch as expected.

Kill - Movie


Vinod signed up immediately for the film based on some review he had read someplace and when Vinod does impulsive things like this, it must be good. I had made up my mind to watch anyway so it was perfect that Vinod wanted to go too. 

Nikhil Nagesh Bhat's debut film based on an experience he had while travelling on a train from Patna to Pune is completely worth the money. The 1 hr 45 mt film is packed with action in a running train and every second looks so real and authentic. Of course its also the goriest I have seen in a film but then it seems fully justified considering the situation the protagonist, an NSG Commando (played by Lakshya) who is trying to protect his fiances family which is on the train from a gang of 45 armed dacoits. He has his friend, another commando for help and they seem to be holding the dacoits until they provoke the commando by doing the unthinkable. It's like Bhat got a protagonist to handle the trauma of whatever happened on the train journey he experienced then.

If you have the stomach for such action and blood, don't miss.

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

The Book of Tomorrow - Cecelia Ahern

 Cecelia Ahern is the bestselling author of 'PS I Love You' - a movie I want to see before the monsoon ends. She writes beautifully and her understanding and description of human nature really impressed me and many times I was left wondering - hmmm, how did she get all that across so well in so few lines.

The Book of tomorrow is a story of Tamara - a most interesting and rebellious sixteen year old with the mind of a thirty or even forty year old. The books starts sometime when her father has died - killing himself with whiskey and drugs unable to face business losses. Tamra is devastated and so is her mother. They move in with her uncle (her mother's brother) and his wife Rosaleen in a large estate. Tamara meets some interesting people - Marcus, who runs a travelling library and who gives her a book that writers her tomorrows today, Sister Ignatius, Wesley, a rebel with a mature head. Things stir well in the pot until some truths from the past come forth.

Cecelia writes well and her characters stand out clearly - Tamara is very well etched in my mind and so are many of the other characters. The visuals of the place are too. Mostly the angst that Tamara feels stays as well. I think that's quite a lot to achieve for a writer in a book. However on the other side, I felt let down a bit by the ending.     

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Thought for the Day - Happiness is in sharing the Small Things

 No home. They live on the divider under the Ameerpet Metro station. A young family - the parents look like they are migrants and in their early twenties, two young kids, no belongings worth mentioning. No roof, not enough clothes, don't know where the next meal is coming from, no thought beyond the next meal or the next few hours. No house, no gas, no power, no water - and still they are happy sharing the few morsels they seem to have somehow got their hands on.

Togetherness. Sharing. Enjoying the moment.


And all around them people zip about in their cars, from homes, families, everything they can ask for but still deeply unhappy, unsatisfied, unwilling to share.


Nahir - Movie


Based on a true story of 19 year old Nahir Galarza who was convicted for the murder of her boy friend when it looks like she is covering for her father who appears to have committed the crime. Nahir accepts that she killed her boyfriend by mistake but the story does not fully add up -  the court is however convinced and sentences her to life. Nahir however tells another version where she accuses her father of the crime but the court does not take cognisance of it. She is still in jail and her case is in the Supreme Court. 

Maharaja - Movie


Vijay Sethupati is the stubborn, justice-seeking barber whose life entangles with that of an electrical shop owner by day and leader of a dacoit gang by night Anurag Kashyap with unpleasant ramifications for both. Many twists and shifts in time frames makes it a bit of a puzzle which we happily decode by the end and are also glad that karma has a weird way of coming back and biting us. Lots of violence and gore.