Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ashta Chamma - Great music

There's much to share. For starters, my brother, Ram Mohan's first movie venture as producer - a Telugu movie titled 'Ashta Chamma' is ready for release. The release date is September 5, 2008, and I am damn excited about it all. Ram is the producer, Mohan Krishna Indraganti, the award winning director of Grahanam is the director (have lots of faith in him, he's brilliant), Kalyani Maulik is the music director (great job, and I loved that song in Aithe), Swathi (of Colors fame, and all the smiles and all the energy in the world), Nani (an RJ and aspiring director turned actor), Sreenivas, Tanikella Bharani and Jhansi and others have all put in their best into making this romantic entertainer.
I think it will take up most of my waking hours until the release date - just thinking (as I normally am apt to do) about all the little things that can be done and ways I can help. I am proud and happy at the same time (and also many emotions in between as well) at Ram's achievement and hope it becomes a huge success and that he makes many more movies in the future. He's always been there for me in the ups and downs, and I will be there for him always.

August 8, 2008: The music release of Ashta Chamma was a fun affair on a day when the heavens opened up and poured. Despite the daunting rain, the entire press contingent was there, a hundred odd people were there and film star Venkatesh was there (looking very debonair) to cut the cake. Fantastic ambience at Xtreme Sports Bar, Banjara Hills, (thanks Arjun, loved the evening) where the event was held, lots of good energy and mostly I felt, so much pure emotion. Whenever the song clips were played on the screen, the audience went wild. I loved all the songs especially the title track 'Ashta Chamma' and 'Nuvve Nuvve' which reminded me of the romance of 'Zara Zara'. The first thing that struck all of us when we heard it first was 'Hey, that's really good music!'
More on Ashta Chamma in the coming posts.