Monday, December 6, 2021

UBI - Make Up Your Mind

 My dear old Andhra Bank now has become UBI. One feature of Andhra Bank was that none of their ATMs worked so we would draw from all other ATMs. But since a few months AB has become UBI and it does not like us going to other ATMs. So each time go to another ATM I get a message from UBI like a jealous girlfriend - don't go, I'll charge you etc.

But what t do? Most dn't work. Like this one in our colony. It cannot make up its mind whether its working or not. There's a paper on top which said 'it is working' And another on its face that said 'It's not working'. The ATM is not working from what I saw. Maybe two people had a fight. One saying it should work and one saying it should not! Maybe the ATM cannot make up its mind!

I don't know. I came away and went to another ATM. I got that message again - like a jealous girl friend. What does one do?   

4th International Jazz Festival at Qutb Shah Heritage Park

 Now this is a great idea to have an amphitheater at Qutb Shah tombs and I decided to catch the tail end of the jazz festival - which was from 6-930.

I caught the last half and hour and it was well worth it.

Next time, hopefully do better. 

Writers Meet 3 - Good Fun!

 So we had a writers meet yesterday - the longest yet because we went on and on talking about this and that. Yesterday Taher Ali Baig, my young playwright friend who had directed an award winning short film Fitrat joined Sagar, Sheetal and me and we all had a good time discussing films, industry, writing, ghazals, subjects and what not. What started as a one hour thing went on till 830 and I had to sadly break it up because I had to go to an alumni meeting (which I finally did not).

Taher brought a lot of youthful energy to the space and Sheetal updated us about some new developments in his life. Missed AP and Pallavi who were busy yesterday. Overall. good fun as always. There's something we always learn when we meet new perspectives.

The main menu was set - chote samose, bun maska, tie biscuit, jilebi (and two samosas for me and Sagar while we waited and discussed our videos). Coffee and tea by Shobhs at timely intervals. Ah, heaven!

Friday, December 3, 2021

A Simple Favour - Movie

 2018. Black comedy based on a book. Plot too complicated to write. Lots of twists and turns but somehow don't add up in the end. I was feeling more for the villain than the heroine so there's something wrong here. I think I'd advise you to skip it.


Thought for the Day - Growth and Ease

 We are always concerned with two things - growth and ease. We want to grow. And we want our growth to happen with ease.

Growth or possibilities happen when we take risks. We need to push that little extra each time and improve our risk appetite. Talk one sentence more, ask one question extra, buy that thing you never bought, stop, go. Everything that you did not do earlier is a risk. Only when we risk do we grow. Yes, 'we'll fail a few times but we will have fun doing that.

 Ease happens when we let go of control. Funnily we don't take risks because we want to control everything. We want to control the outcome and if we are not sure of the outcome we do not risk it. Ease is that state when things happen almost divinely without our having to do anything. People appear, opportunities fall into your lap, things happen easily. Now all that happens only when you fully let go of control. 

Which means - we have to take risks and not be attached to the outcome. After the initial fear during which you lose a few, things start showing up with ease when you really let go, fully let go. What do we let go? We let go of attachment to the outcome fully. Just act and forget about it.

That's the secret then.   

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Thought for the Day - We're not Stupid Enough to be Successful

 That's the truth. For anyone who is not successful the only thing that is coming between them and success is that they are not stupid enough to be successful

I am not using stupid as a bad thing here. I am using it as one with great respect.

All that you are not doing to make you successful is all that you think is stupid. If you let go of your judgement and do that, you will be successful.


Drop Mr Pretentious. Accept Mr Stupid. Success loves honesty (even in dishonesty). 

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Me Shivaji Park - Movie

 2018. Marathi. Five senior citizens become vigilantes after one of their relatives is murdered and the killer is getting away. Loose but somehow holds together. Has a message. Interesting.

Lovely cast of seniors - Vikram Gokhale, Ashok Saraf, Dilip Prabhavalkar, Shivaji Satam and Satish Alekar.


Thought for the Day - Each Time You're the Victim You're Not Yourself

 Each time you play the victim you are not being yourself.

There's you. And there's this needy chap who's posing as you. He's the victim.

He's not you.

He'll beg, cry, sulk, scream and kick, make things difficult, mess relationships, create drama. He wants attention. He wants to be the centre of attention. The more you give it, the worse he gets.

He's sidelining you. He wants the stage. Your life.

He's not You.

Each time you play the victim, remember, he's not you.

Thought for the Day - What Is Far Seems Scary, From Inside It's Not

 I realised this when I stayed alone at Beauty Green last month. The empty building looked scary to me for years. It was beautiful but desolate.

One day I decided to spend the night there.

Once I went into the room it did not seem scary.

What's scary form the outside is not scary from the inside. Go right in. 

Thought for the Day - Three's a Crowd - Me, My Body and My Mind

 Be the witness they say. So there's me, my body and my mind.

I am carrying these two people along with me and they need to be in sync for any alignment, harmony. I am not either - the body or the mind. I am separate.

That's interesting in itself. I guess I will have to give myself more importance. These two seem to think they are me.

Thought for the Day - How to Go Full Potential (Drop Shame or Ego)

 To benefit from my full potential I need to open myself to it and let go of all that is holding me back!

It works like this. I have potential. I know all I can do. But there are certain things I don't do - hold myself back - to protect the idea that I am not 'that kind of a person'. It could be as simple as asking for money, for a favour, for advise, for help, for a deal, for love, or even posting stuff on Facebook or  Insta, opening a shop, putting yourself out there - anything.

This is stuff that is holding you back. Long as its legal you must do it. Shamelessly, relentlessly.

Go for it! 

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Hope Springs - Movie

 Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep. 2012. Caught in a sexless and loveless marriage, Meryl Streep, fixes a counseling session for her and her husband. They return, having lost some money, and having the zing back in their lives (pretty boring since she has no fantasies and his fantasies are schoolboy stuff - even the woman he chooses for a threesome is pathetic). No wonder they have a boring marriage. But these two are simply brilliant in all those awkward scenes discussing their sex lives (non existent). Simply brilliant.


Ghost Writer - Movie

 Memoirs of ex-British PM being written by a ghost. Ghost found dead. New ghost signed on to compete manuscript in one month (are you joking dude?) for a sum of 250000 USD. He goes to meet PM, sleeps with PM's wife, finds stuff conveniently kept for him to get information that will - surprise. get him killed. Oh, of course, the PM is also killed. The boring wife is alive, the sexy secretary too. Boring movie (you won't believe it but I saw it before and don't remember a thing)


The Archer - Paulo Coelho

 Big rip off. I am extremely disappointed with the book. The art work by Christoph Niemann is brilliant. The prose was bland and there's nothing that is said interestingly. The archer Tetsuya is someone who learned archery and became the best. But he has now given up archery and makes a living as a carpenter. A challenger comes and challenges the archer who says I will accept your challenge but do not reveal to anyone where I am and what I am doing. Of course he trashes the challenger and then teaches the young boy with him the fundamentals of archery.

First up, we need allies (people who are interested in what you are doing) and we need to share our knowledge with them. The best allies are those who do not think like everyone else. Join those who take risks, fall, get hurt and take more risks. Who are open and vulnerable. They should sing, take pleasure in life,have joy in their eyes, who never stop. They should be enthusiastic. (By now we know its not easy to find such people)

Then, the bow.

It is life, the source of energy. Allow it to rest so when you need it, it will be ready. Be in harmony with it and never ask more than it can give. Your bow must be understood and to do that it must become part of your arm and an extension of your thoughts. (Again, being one with the instrument and taking care of it well)

The Arrow

Is your intention. Must be crystal clear and straight and balanced. Shoot even if you may fail. If you never take a risk you will ever know what to change to get better.

The Target

Your objective. You are responsible for choosing your target so don't blame anyone else (why would we do that). Respect the target, bring it closer mentally and only when it is at the very end of your arrow, release it. Your target is your friend. Don't look at target alone - look around it (Drona would not agree). Understand the target - ask - if I am the target how would i like to be hit (I doubt if the target would want to be hit)


Serenity comes from the heart.  Elegance is not about comfort, it is the best posture if the shot has to be hit.  Elegance is achieved when everything superfluous has been discarded.

How to hold the arrow

It is how to be in touch with your intention. Set clear intention? A man's intention should be perfect, straight, sharp, firm, precise.

How to hold the bow

Our source of energy. Breathe. Concentrate. Do it without tension (how). With a tranquil mind review each stage and your hand will stop shaking.

How to Draw the Bowstring

All archer's knowledge should concentrate on the point where the arrow touches the bowstring (where else). Be like a musician playing an instrument. Ask the bowstring for its cooperation.

How to look at the target

With love. Don't judge yourself. 

The Release

One shot with soul and another without soul. 

Draw the bow, breathe correctly, concentrate on target, be clear of intention, maintain elegance of posture, respect target, follow destiny. The arrow must leave at the moment when bow, archer and target are at the same point in the universe - this is called inspiration.


An action is a thought made manifest. Practice and repeat until your actions become part of you. Each time is different. There comes a moment after much practice when the archer no loner has to think of what he is doing. He becomes the bow, arrow, the target.

How to observe the flight of the arrow

There's nothing to do after the arrow has been shot. Smile.

The archer without bow, arrow and target

The archer learns when he forgets all about the rules of the way of the bow and goes on to act entirely on instinct.

Then you go and do something else.

I did not find anything of depth. It seemed rather superfluous.  I don't know why I typed so much. Maybe I thought there was something more. I don't think there is. Avoid.    

First Anniversary - Dr Nalini Nargundkar - Aai - Nlu maushi - Ajji

 The trip to Pune was primarily on the occasion of the first anniversary of Shobha's mom. It was a tough month last year for all of us but there was much she left behind for us to learn and imbibe. Shobhs, me and Anjali were there last year and we decided to invite the others who were around - Shashi maushi, Gauri and Prakash, Parth and Maria, Meera and Vijay. Ashu came, So did Swapni. Suhita came all the way from Mumbai!

Aai and Kaka

I wrote down what I learned from her in my morning pages and I realised they are powerful lessons. Here's a list.

Madhav Bungalow - Named after Madhav Oak, her father

1. Live passionately

2. Never say No attitude, no judgment

Parth, Suhita, Shashi Maushi and Vijay

3. Always smile, look at the bright side

4.  Never speak badly about anyone 

The lot

5. Give easily

6. Love people, love company

7. Be childlike

8. Fierce independence

She loved playing cards - so...

9. Learning mindset, curiosity

10. Humble, grounded

Ashu, Bhavan and Shobhs

11. Dress up well

12. Never panic

A tree she loved  

13. Be enterprising

14. Be careful with money and paperwork

More details on each soon.

Indic Inspirations - A Lovely Concept

Malay invited me to a start up he is part of called 'Indic Inspirations'. It's a lovely little shop in the Koregaon area and sells India inspired souvenirs and gifts. They are unique and thoughtful and have nice themes - India, Pune, festival, culture, nature, toys, clothes, perfumes and so on.  You can check out more at their website and order really interesting gift items to those you love. There was one Bajirao Mastani inspired perfume set! There's an ISRO series, ISRO inspired merchandise.

Sunil Jalihal, Founder CEO, is a much accomplished man and I wish him and his team the best of luck. Met Malay, Sarah, Lewis and Maxine and spent some time before heading home.

Indic Inspirations

Lewis checking something out

Anjali before the wall

Monday, November 15, 2021

Jivan Sandhya - Movie

 I loved this mature romance of two retired people meeting, falling in love and caring for one another despite societal pressure to not behave like love lorn youngsters. Beautiful.

I loved it.

Thought for the Day - How to Increase Trust in the Universe

 To increase trust in the Universe we need to trust ourselves. How can we increase trust in ourselves?

By little acts of ours that show we trust ourselves when we lose trust. For example I went to a store and found a nice notebook. I thought I'd pick it up and then thought it was not worth it. Actually I did not trust myself to earn back that money that I spend on myself. I caught that thought where I lost trust in myself.

I bought it. It's no big deal. But then I have turned against my deep belief that I cannot spend on myself unless absolutely necessary.We can build trust through small acts that show we can trust our capability to generate more.

It's a thought. A feeling.

Link to a Smart Investing Course

 Kiran shared this with me. Looks rather interesting.

Fallen Leaves

 Lovely shapes. A beauty in how they fall and lie down.

Lovely Dance Video by AVAR

 Here's another wonderful performance by ex-students of UoH, Dance Department. Heartwarming to see them enjoy what they love so much. They call themselves AVAR.

Krishna, Shilpa, Aashika, Sruthi and Lakshmi

An IPL theme dance cover. Watch and enjoy.

The Zurich Axioms - Max Gunther

 The byline is is a wealth warning - This book can make you rich! There are 12 axioms and it will help to get rich and stay rich (which is more important). Here are the 12 with their minor axioms below them.

1) Take risks. Worry is not a sickness but a sign of health. if you're not worried, you are not risking enough. Put your money at risk. Don't be afraid to lose a little.

- Always play for meaningful stakes

- Resist the allure of diversification

2) Always take your profit too soon. Don't fear regret.

- Decide what gain you want in advance from a venture and when you get it, get out.

3) When the ship starts to sink, jump. Don't pray.

- Accept small losses cheerfully. expect  several when awaiting a large gain.

4) Human behavior cannot be predicted. Distrust anyone who claims to know the future.

5) Chaos is not dangerous until it begins to look orderly

- Beware the historian's trap 

- Beware corelation and causality delusions

- Beware the chartist's illusion

- Beware the gambler's fallacy (I'm hot today)

6) Avoid putting down roots. They impede mobility.

- Do not get trapped in bad ventures because of loyalty

7) A hunch can be trusted if it can be explained 

- Never confuse a hunch with hope

8) It is unlikely that God's plan for the Universe includes making you rich

- If astrology worked, all astrologers would be rich

- A superstition need not be exercised,  it can be enjoyed provided it is kept in its place

9)  Optimism means expecting the best but confidence means you'll handle the worst. Never make a move if you are merely optimistic.

10) Disregard the majority opinion. It is probably wrong.

- Never follow speculative fads. Often the best time to buy something is when nobody else wants it.

11) If it didn't pay off the first time, forget it.

- Never average down.

12) Never take your own long range plans or other people's long range plans seriously. The future is not under our control.

More on this later. But brilliant. Thanks Vinod.

Friday, November 12, 2021

Thought for the Day - Are You Scared Money Will Change You?

 Deep inside there could be this feeling that money (or success) could change us into people we don't want to be. We will not then be nice people, struggling people, people who others can pity (or admire), people who are brave and courageous in the face of odds and people who are classic victims. All these are things that keep us rooted to that 'nice' image we have. But poor.

Now if the thought is that money or success might change us, and we are not acting in a manner that is conducive for money or success to flow in, all we need to see is what we are  scared of becoming. Will money make us arrogant, conceited, loud, thoughtless, proud, cruel and whatever else we are scared of becoming?

The best way then is to first be fine with all those traits in us. Instead of holding out against them, if we accept that we ave all those characteristics in us, and we show a bit of that characteristic too, we will actually be telling the Universe we are being more honest with it, with ourselves. A bit of ugliness is OK, as long as it is ours. Be it, show it. It makes me more authentic, more honest. A little less 'good' but more 'me' and more 'honest me'.

I think it is also easier then to be ourselves when we get the money or success. The key then seems to be not that we are scared that money will change us, but that we are cared that money will show us for what we really are. And if we are OK with that, then there is nothing to fear. Let it come right in!

Thought for the Day - How to Grow Your Doorway to Receive

This has been at the back of my mind ever since I realised that I have a rather narrow doorway to receive the good from the universe - How do I increase the doorway size is the question.

Or rather, let's begin with the why? Why is my doorway narrow?

My doorway would be narrow simply because I do not want more to come in. I am regulating the inflow consciously. Why am I regulating the inflow consciously? Most likely because I don't know how to handle the inflow if it goes out of control. What happens if it goes out of control and why would it bother me if I get a lot of good?

Maybe because I feel I don't deserve it.

Somewhere I feel that the doorway is kept narrow by me because I feel I only deserve that much. But now I want more but the doorway is still small. How do I grow its size?

I felt I could do little acts that show that I deserve. I think that's the only thing that needs to be done. prove to yourself that you deserve more. Give to yourself more and more. Then you know you can handle more. When you know you can handle more, you automatically let loose the doorway's regulator mechanism.

The key to that mechanism is in my mind. I need to feel worthy. I need to feel deserving. I need to feel like I can handle it. I can do it by giving myself the good stuff, little by little, increasing it, bit by bit.


Visit to Abids

 Last Sunday we went to Abids upon Anjali's request. I hooked up with Vinod who normally haunts the Sunday market every week and we caught up at 1130. As he met us Vinod gifted me a copy of the Zurich Axioms  which I was delighted to have. Looking forward to read it.

Anjali checking out books

I was observing Anjali though. Vinod suggested a book to her immediately - a short children's story by Chitra Divakurani Banerjee. I would have felt some pressure if an uncle of mine had suggested a book reading and might have bought it. But Anjali was clear. She looked at it and put it back. I bought it.

Vinod checking out books

We then moved here and there and it was fun to see her check out books on her own, carry her books. She enquired about the book prices on her own and refused to negotiate with any of them for even a rupee. Vinod had already got a good deal on some book, he got 50 bucks knocked off one book, but Anjali was not going to be swayed. Once when she was picking up a book for 300 bucks I asked her if I should negotiate. She said no, she would rather pay the entire amount.

It's not about getting a good deal or a bad deal, it just about what you think you should do. I liked her clarity in the way she picked up her books, dealt with the shop owners and refused to bargain with them. Interesting perspective and well done A.

She ended up with a nice haul of books. I got a couple myself.

After book shopping we went to Taj Mahal, drank some coffee, and got a meals packed. Good Sunday morning work.   

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Artist Date 7 -Beauty Green

 This time I decided to move there for a couple of nights. I told Koni I was coming over, packed some stuff and headed off in Carlos. I reached there at about 7 and was alloted room number 2. I never saw the inside of these rooms and Sadiq and Nadim took my stuff away while Koni showed me the new barbecue he had bought and some chicken kebabs he was planning to make. We sat down in the cold, it was pretty cold and had a drink of rum and chatted. Sadiq operated the tandoor and we were soon given some fine chicken kebabs. We wound up at 1030.

Alone with the silence

I went to the room, the only one that was occupied in the entire resort and checked it out. It was nice, perfect for writing with a round table, a few chairs, a nicely set up room. I set myself up and worked till 1230, the complete silence and lack of disturbance helping much. I slept wondering if the feeling of being alone would bother me. It didn't.

My writing table

I woke up at 640 and headed off to the terrace. It was cold but the morning sun warmed me a bit. I sat and wrote my morning pages and journal and then went down for some writing. I wrote till 1030 completely undisturbed until I got a call about breakfast. 

Walk post breakfast

I went down and stuffed myself with some lovely dosas and walked along to work it off. I saw some construction activity and Masti Farms an organic venture which they let me see. Back to the resort and more writing until almost 3 when I got a call for lunch. I stepped out more for the break than for lunch, grabbed a couple of mouthfuls of rice and curd and potato from the mutton curry and went back fro another hours work. At 430 I headed out for a run and ran a good 7 plus kilometres in 1 hour 20 minutes, running all around Beauty Green and beyond. On the way back I met Sona and Zor who recognised me and were happy to see me.

Morning at Beauty Green

Back to the room, shower, and work. 

Terrace writing

At 730 I got a call from Koni that he was back with some rum. I worked for another hour and joined him at 830. He wa with company and once again there was chicken and kebabs and I drank some rum, ate kebabs and we split at 1030 which seems to be the right time to split. In the room I wrote till 12 in the night and slept, not as well as last night but good enough.

Old friends Sona and Zor

Morning pages, journal and then I decided to head back. The silence, the emptiness, the sheer nothing to do (no TV, no proper Wi Fi) was brilliant. I should do this more often. Thanks Koni and see you soon my friend before the winter is up.    

Friday, November 5, 2021

Father - Movie Review

 Anthony Hopkins as the father suffering from dementia and his difficult relationship with his daughter Anne, who takes care of him. The film follows Hopkins mind and we get confused about who is who until we realise that his dementia was getting worse and he ends up in a nursing care. His transformation is amazing- from the confident, rude person in the beginning to the sobbing little child who wants his momma to fetch him. He gets into your head.



Anjali - I Think You Like Your Life

 I loved this response.

The other day I asked Anjali.

'Anjali, what do you think of me?'

She looked at me.

'Do you think Nanna does all sorts of weird things?' I prodded.

She smiled.

'But I think you like your life,' she said.

Wow. Nothing could be a greater validation for my life, that I like my life.

Thanks so much Anjali. 

The Listening Path - Julia Cameron

 After 'The Artist's Way' I was gifted this book by Anjali. Julia has started me on the practices of Morning Pages, Artist Dates and Walks. This book is all about listening, or rather, receiving.

Its a practice of six weeks of - listening to your environment, to others, to our higher self, beyond the veil, our heroes and to silence. 

Listening to the Environment -The practice starts with acutely listening to what goes on around us. 

Listening to Others - This is about inner and outer listening, how to listen with the whole body, active listening, how to listen to learn, listening to the human face, how to surrender control, how to make listening an act of love, how to listen to your inner voice (and how to stop listening to some), ow to take our own advice.

Listening to our Higher Self - Listen to the still, small voice inside, ask queries - what should I do, what do I need to know, what do I need to accept, what do I need to try, what do I need to grieve, what do I need to celebrate. It talks of reading as listening and how listening can quell anxiety.

Listening beyond the veil - Here she talks about listening to those who are in the other side, thos ewho have passed on but who are available to us with their wisdom. Ask - can I hear form X?

Listening to Our Heroes - Write to your heroes and ask, you will get answers.

Listening to Silence - She cites the value of silence, of seeking silence even in a world full of noise.

It's a valid point. That listening is receiving. I will try out some of these exercises. Thanks Anjali for the lovely gift. 


Thursday, November 4, 2021

Jai Bhim - Movie Review

 Tamil cinema comes up with some startling true life cases about atrocities on the most backward communities by the rich and powerful and the well placed communities. I saw 'Asuran' and now 'Jai Bhim' and the one thing that strikes you is that the super stars in Tamil industry do not shy away from playing the roles of dalits or backward caste people. The cases are also brilliantly chosen and one is amazed at the research the goes into it and the sensitivity with which they portray the stories. Clearly these stories must be told, the way the backward communities are treated shown, the  way the entire system colludes to protect their own. It's gripping stuff even at 2 hours 45 minutes - I started watching it at 12 midnight and thought I'd check it out for half an hour. I ended up watching the entire film without missing a moment. 

Suriya plays real life hero Justice Chandru who took up this case and plays it well. We need more heroes like him.  

Watch it.


Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Such a Heartwarming Dance Video by Sravya

Sravya shared this lovely video made by her, Pranathi Iyer and Deekshita Jaligama that they performed for Indian Raga a platform for artistes to share their work, an Online Dance Fellowship.  

I loved it and I hope they keep making these heartwarming videos that spread joy and happiness. Fantastic work Sravya and I love the way you are taking your journey forward. The joy is evident in your work. Well done and keep it up. Looking out for more.

  Watch. It's beautiful!

Thought for the Day - Risk is About Trust

 On one hand we are averse to risk. Which means we want to control. Now controlling risk is what we are all doing. But when we control it, is it really a risk anymore?

Park next to my house

Risk must make you feel completely vulnerable. It must set the butterflies in your stomach going. We must fear losing something in the quest to gain what we want. Only then is it a risk.

To risk then, is to trust. Trust with no surety or control attached to it. That is the right kind of risk. The type of risk that does not trust in oneself, in the universe around us, but goes in without being aware, is likely to fail badly. But the risk that is based on trust of oneself, on the universe around, and still losing control over the process or the outcome, that is the risk worth taking. 

That's the kind of risk that pays off most times because you'll risk for what you want and you're willing to lose for that.

So to me, risk is about trust. Control is about not trusting. Risk pays off. Control keeps you stuck.

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Remember Be Here Now - Baba Ram Dass

 Baba Ram Dass was Dr Richard Alpert PhD, a full blown scholar teaching at the University of California, Berkeley, Stanford, Harvard, Yale and living the good life when he decided to explore greater levels of consciousness through psychedelic drugs. Unfortunately he found that the high would always go away and he would come down. In search of a permanent high he came to India with a bottle of LSD driving with a friend through Tehran, Afghanistan and finally landed up in India where he met Baba Bhagwan Das. With almost no mention he speaks of Neem Karoli Baba who is his guru. The transformation from Richard Alpert to Baba Ram Dass happened while he was here and he took the message to the world from the West after he returned. Neem Karoli Baba is known as the miracle Baba and his biggest known disciple (actually not because he came to India after Baba passed away) was Steve Jobs.

Anyway, its a fascinating book produced by the Hanuman Foundation. It has an introduction to Richard Alpert's story and how he became Baba Ram Dass and then follow 108 pages (no secret) with messages, thoughts, drawings, almost like a child's personal sketch book. It has I should think the essence of the messages Ram Dass wanted to convey. This part looks like he was in his psychedelic state, free of convention or rules.

Sample pages! 

After the brown pages end, starts more organised writing, and he writes in short the cook book for a sacred life. Sleep (go early to bed and wake up early, sleep on a hard surface, small or no pillow, on your back or on the left side, meditate before you sleep), eating (keep stomach empty, do not over eat, half full of food, one quarter water and one quarter air, easily digestible food, no food coming from violence), study (from those who know), Asanas (he drew some fine pictures of the yoga asanas), mantra (to keep thoughts off your mind, Tat Twam Asi), pranayam, sexual energy (brahmacharya or abstinence or tantra), satsang, Being the witness, Bhakti yoga, Money and rightful living, Dance, Meditation, Rational Mind, Time, Psychedelics as a way to achieve higher states (pros and cons), course of Sadhana, The Zen Center, Family Sadhana and Dying, How to practice dying.

Putting them here for reference for any lost soul - hope Hanuman Foundation won't mind

Its a fascinating book and its quite interesting that I had only briefly heard of the miracle baba when M Dhoni visited his ashram before the 2011 World Cup. There was talk about Steve Jobs then. Then in January this year, quite fortuitously, I went to Neem Karoli Baba's ashram thanks to Ranjan on our trip to Nainital. Sagar keeps talking about him and the other day when I was getting the house painted, I visited Rajesh's factory and found a huge picture of Neem Karoli Baba in his office. I asked him how and he said his son Abhishek, a mature, interesting and evolved young boy who reads eclectic stuff, had been visiting Neem Karoli Baba's ashram for the past few years. When I met Abhishek he gave me this book and I read it. Its fascinating.

Thanks Abhishek for lending me the book.