Monday, December 6, 2021

Writers Meet 3 - Good Fun!

 So we had a writers meet yesterday - the longest yet because we went on and on talking about this and that. Yesterday Taher Ali Baig, my young playwright friend who had directed an award winning short film Fitrat joined Sagar, Sheetal and me and we all had a good time discussing films, industry, writing, ghazals, subjects and what not. What started as a one hour thing went on till 830 and I had to sadly break it up because I had to go to an alumni meeting (which I finally did not).

Taher brought a lot of youthful energy to the space and Sheetal updated us about some new developments in his life. Missed AP and Pallavi who were busy yesterday. Overall. good fun as always. There's something we always learn when we meet new perspectives.

The main menu was set - chote samose, bun maska, tie biscuit, jilebi (and two samosas for me and Sagar while we waited and discussed our videos). Coffee and tea by Shobhs at timely intervals. Ah, heaven!

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