Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Canteen Fundas - Here's How We Become Better Leaders

 How to become better leaders - start leading your life well!


E-Canteen Fundas: No one's born a leader. So here's how you can become one

Pro Tip: Leadership in its most basic form is leading your life in a way that it influences your life and that of others around you for the better

‘I feel we need good leaders if we have to prosper as a society,’ said Rahul. ‘We have very few.’

‘Why don’t you become one then?’ asked Rakesh.

‘Is it that simple?’ asked Rinku. ‘I believe leaders are born and not made. They have certain innate qualities that make them born leaders. Charisma, oratory skills and initiative.’

‘You mean one cannot develop those qualities even if one wanted to?’ asked Rahul. ‘Should we always be followers? Never leaders?’

‘How can we suddenly become charismatic leaders?’ asked Rinku. ‘I cannot see myself as a leader.’

‘We definitely can be good leaders,’ said Rakesh. ‘Like Rahul said we need good leaders, not just charismatic leaders. Leadership, like any other skill, can be learned. Becoming a good leader is simply a matter of practice. Anyone of us can become a good leader if we want to.’

‘How, bhaiyya?’ asked Rinku. ‘I’d like to be a good leader and change society for the better. But, how long will it take for me to become a good leader? Where do I start?’

‘Let’s simplify the issue first,’ said Rakesh. ‘Leadership is not a complicated skill that only a few are bestowed with. It’s not grabbing a position of power and using it to benefit oneself. It’s about doing what is right and benefiting others. So let’s get this misconception that leadership is about a position out of our minds, shall we?’

‘How can we lead if we don’t have a position?’ asked Rahul.

‘Rahul,’ said Rakesh. ‘A person can have the highest position and be a bad leader and a person can be in the lowest position and be a good leader. We are all born leaders whatever our position. The question is, are we leading now?’

‘What do you mean, bhaiyya?’ asked Rahul.

‘In its simplest form, leadership is how we lead our lives and how we influence people by the way we lead our lives. I think that’s where we must begin if we want to learn leadership.’

‘What does “the way we lead our lives” mean?’ said Rinku. ‘How can I lead my life any differently?’

‘To be good leaders we must first practice being good role models,’ said Rakesh. ‘We must be aware of what we are thinking, saying, doing and being, because how we are influences all those around us. People get influenced by our words and actions and that’s what leadership is about — influencing others. You are a good leader if the way you lead influences people in a good way and a poor leader if you influence your team in a bad way.’

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