Monday, December 13, 2021

Anjali - And How to Prepare for Exams Using the Growth Mindset

 Anjali has competition with someone or another for the top position in class. If what I remember was right, Anjali would lead comfortably earlier, until the others caught up and started topping as well. I wondered how this would affect Anjali. She is competitive - but I also knew she was quite creative in how she goes about things.

So I was quite pleased to see that she has Zoom sessions with her friends - the competitors and they discuss the next day's exams in great deal. I found that quite cool - the epitome of the learning or growth mindset - because they were helping each other get better instead of pulling one another down. I wish more people copy this example. There's so much we can learn form one another when we share.

Superb! We done Anjali and friends. 

It's brilliant. We could all do this so much more in our lives and benefit all round. 

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