Saturday, April 18, 2020

Life in Lockdown - Day 25 of 40

Day 25

After a late-night watching 'Laus' a lovely animated movie and an episode on the second world war last night I was up at my usual hour - 830. The normal chores, journal work and I wrote down the note to end my sessions for the University students.
Pic - S Nargundkar
A trip to the local medical hall found me catching a long line in the summer heat - almost a 75 - 80 long - stretching from the bus stop opposite the colony to the arch at Model Colony. I realised some good Samaritan from the colony were distributing cooked food for families and individuals. Very well organised and one could see the gratitude on the faces of the people in the queue. I saw one of my neighbours at the distribution and will get some information from him. Fantastic work.

Table tennis with Anjali. We are getting better at this.

Meditation at 4. Study group from 5 to 730. Dinner and the day is done. Whoa!

I saw a video where a well-qualified doctor from the US is saying that there is a conspiracy behind the pandemic. Ned to get more information - haven't seen it fully yet. Another article about how some governments are choosing to throw the granny under the bus to save the economy.

One of the better messages I saw recently put things in perspective - Funny that the economy is crashing because we are buying only what we need! The irony is there for all to see.

There was some news today that the curve is showing signs of flattening. That's good news. Anyway, hopefully we get some handle on this - at least in terms of information and processes - soon.

Anyway, more tomorrow.

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