Saturday, April 11, 2020

Life in Lockdown - Day 18 of 21 (now, 37), April 11, 2020

Day 18

As expected the lockdown has been extended by another two weeks till the 30th of April. Punjab, Orissa, Mumbai, Telangana and others have been clamouring for an extension and today, after a meeting with the PM, the CMs etc have decided to extend the lockdown. Some places say we are not in the third stage of community transmission - god knows what that is.

The day began early enough after a late-night viewing of a Malayalam movie 'Trance' and some late night reading of Bruce Lee's bio. I was woken up by the phantom sounds of my phone ringing and then the real sounds of the banana guy going 'maaauuuuz'. I sacrificed jumping back into the bed, bought 6 bananas for 25 bucks and then life took over. The complex hot water, lemon, honey, ginger, salt concoction, journaling in the gratitude j,  checked the couple of messages I got and I was good to go.
Pic courtesy Satish Nargundkar
Once again, no calls save two, and I love it. I put the phone on silent and went headlong into the day's chores, my reading, my writing (trying to get an idea for the column) and then suddenly noticed a call from Choudary. He was mad that the cops near his house in the boondocks were chasing him away this morning for not wearing a mask. I think we have now moved to mask-on status which means no one is allowed to move out without their masks. I remember seeing a video of some Czech lady saying how the country managed to slow the spread by using masks compulsorily early on. Also today I saw a cute video of a lady showing how to make a very effective mask (strong enough to suffocate you perhaps). Let me see if I can put it on here.

In fact I saw another one where this doctor type chap is showing how not to touch faces (specially cops, medical personnel etc) who might unconsciously touch their faces in the middle of dealing with so many people - a simple idea of sticking tape vertically on both sides of the elbow in such a fashion that the elbow does not bend beyond the right angle. Very cute and effective - any efforts to touch the face needs serious effort.

The rest of the day flew between the evening meditation, cleaning dishes, and god knows what else. Very little seems to have been done and I feel very tired already. Maybe I am investing too much effort into the dishes or something - need to check out. Have something planned to write tomorrow. Hopefully, will figure out how time is slipping out of my hands. I have cut a massive pineapple today - could that be the culprit?

Friend of mine messaged from New Jersey and had some horror stories to tell. She was mainly concerned that the infection can be pretty painful.

All in all nothing much to report except that the lockdown has been extended and I am quite well settled for that. Not missing going out, nothing. Anjali asked me though - so when can we go to Pune? And I told her, soon as we can. God knows when, but she really wants to go to Pune.

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