Friday, April 3, 2020

Being You - Changing the World - Dr. Dain Heer

Dain Heer is a speaker, facilitator and author who facilitates Access Consciousness and has developed an energy process called Energetic Synthesis of Being. The main idea of the book is to change our own selves by using the tools and ideas and then, by Being You, change the world. To change ourselves, we are changing the energy of our life (which changes our vibration) and thus allows stuff into our life.

The principles and ideas are pretty straightforward and push the envelope a little further than some of the other stuff I have read about. They are also stuff that I read in his friend, Gary Douglas's book. Dain starts by asking - If you were being you, who would you be?

Here are some of the principles to practice.
1) Stay with questions and not look for answers. When in doubt, ask questions.

2) Destroy and uncreate existing judgements and points of view to open up space. (There is a tool for destroying and increasing points of view.)

3) Two questions - 'What else is possible?' and 'How does it get better than this?' open new avenues to receiving in ways we cannot imagine. The principle is not to have any limitations - use a tool called the 'energy bubble' where one can pull in energy of what it feels like to own whatever one wants - go for the feeling he says, just that feeling and pull it all into your energy bubble.

4) What's true makes you lighter, what's a lie makes you feel heavier. Our consciousness 'knows' which is better than trying to figure things out. (If its heavy its either a lie or its someone else's point of view).

5) Go beyond all judgement.  99.9% people function from judgment. By being vulnerable and dropping judgment, we can change our life. Be ok to be wrong. To differentiate between judgment and awareness when we judge, there's an energetic charge, in awareness, there's no charge.

6) 98% of our feelings, thoughts, emotions etc don't belong to us too. To drop them, ask yourself - who does it belong to? And if it isn't yours, you'll feel lighter. Return it to sender.

7) Being you - is our choice to being light, being the truth. As an infinite being, you must expand, not contract. (When we try to figure things out, we get too close to our body)

8) 50%-100% of what goes on in your body does not belong to you either.

9) You're one with everything. If you allow it, the connection could lead to more ease than you ever imagined possible. Let all barriers down. Be ok to receive in whatever form it shows up.
All issues are receiving issues. Don't exclude anything.

10) Don't make anything too significant. If you do, it will control you. Change your point of view.

11) In relationships - are you willing to be different enough to have a great relationship? Get out of the program of love - there could be something greater than love. Look at that person and ask - will this person be a contributor to my life and living? The greatest gift to the relationship is you. People who have the best relationships actually have their own lives. Be intimate with you. To have great relationships - honor (treat them and yourself with regard), trust (that the person will be exactly as by were the first time you met), allowance (whatever they say or do is just an interesting point of view.. if you go into judgement, you're out of allowance and out of intimacy), vulnerability (no barriers, have nothing to prove, just be you) and Gratitude (because gratitude and judgment don't exist together). Start every morning by destroying and increasing all your relationships.

12) The process to getting what you want =
Make a demand (last thing before you die kind of intensity)
Ask a question
Wave a magic wand (PoD, PoC wand to destroy limitations)
Choose (and act)
Receive everything (without judgment)

Change to Being You
13) To change any situation - change your point of view. You don't have to align or agree, resist or react to anything. Being uncomfortable is an awareness that change is underfoot. The only way you can maintain your definition of who you are is if you don't change too much. When you change - your vibration changes as well.

14) Be willing to have the intensity if you are going to have the change for which you are working. a conscious life is choosing joy -not heaviness. You can use your energy to hold fixed points of view and judgements or you can use it to generate your life.

16) Ask for whatever you desire. asking for something and receiving it is magic. being able to change something is magic.

17) Asking a question is always the first way to change everything. Ask - what will it take for more of that to show up in my life?

18) Live exuberantly. Choice is never final. It's a continuous process.

19) Leading is knowing what you know and following it regardless of others going along. 

No judgment, no point of view, no barriers, don't make anything too significant, pull in energy, don't simply ask - demand, receive without judgment, live exuberantly, be open to change and being you as you are without any barrier. Life will change. Now to practice some of those.

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