Monday, April 6, 2020

Life in Lockdown - Day 13 of 21, April 6, 2020

Day 13.

Well, it also happens to be our 25th wedding anniversary so there was a festive air in the house. We seem to have got ourselves a 25-day vacation for our 25th.  Nothing much changed during the day though - washing, cleaning and stuff except that we indulged ourselves with some breakfast which we are otherwise skipping these days. It's been a long journey that seems to have gone by in a flash.

In the days of lockdown its sad that I could not get flowers so I walked around and made a small makeshift bouquet. Everything is symbolic. Anjali composed a poem and read it out to us - very nice. Milind, Miskil, Ram, Ranjan, Vasu, Chanti, Mythily called. A whole bunch of Shobhs cousins wished us so it was fun.

Anjali's desire to eat pizza, expressed with great emotion yesterday, as the first thing she wanted after the lockdown came true. Swiggy and Pizza Hut are back in action so we got some pizza and lived it up. Table tennis - a whole lot of it until I got really tired and wondered why I played so much.

Not many calls today. Sat and did my journal, went pottering around the house, wrote and sent off my column for next week - have another to write tomorrow. The afternoon was interesting because we had an online class for Art Management and we did a fair job of it I think. Pretty much everyone was present.

Shobhs baked a cake while my online class was going on and we cut it with some fanfare. Then some music was played recapturing old times and then she had an online class.
I can suddenly see that these empty days are getting quite packed too, but in a nice relaxed way. I had sent out some messages to a few friends and I got some replies which were nice. Also I notice that some new people are popping up in my life (who were quiet earlier) and some old ones are dropping off. Very interesting.

The guy behind my house got a long stick and was plucking mangoes off our tree - surprisingly he has a mango tree in his house. Probably believes that the food on the other table tastes better. Fellow didn't show any signs of remorse when caught in the act. Just like those ladies who walk into the house and pluck the nandivardhanam flowers. When we're surprised they are even more surprised - for puja they say indignantly. But hello, you can't walk into the house like that! They get very upset as if we committed some crime by asking them questions. All sorts of people.

Life without newspapers is bliss. 

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