Saturday, April 25, 2020

Life in Lockdown - Day 32 of 44 (or more), April 25, 2020

Day 32

Last night's movie was 'Extraction'. Avoid. It's a bad mix of Bollywood and Hollywood. Anyway, morning chores etc and lunch and table tennis apart, I read up some more about ABBA. Been meaning to listen to their music for a while now but the day is swallowing my time. I suspect its the chores.
Pic Satish Nargundkar

Did some serious work in the afternoon and then meditation and then the study group and its time for dinner. Phew!

Pankaj and Aarti Continue Their Good Work
Today however, Pankaj and Aarti stayed back home as the situation in Hyderabad is a matter of concern.
The police sent their vehicle to collect the dry ration packets from their house and will send it across to tribal areas.
Pankaj mentioned that the cell was working with surgical strike precision.
Wonderful job Pankaj and Aarti. May your tribe increase my friend.

A Nice Forward by Madhavi - for Teenagers
Food Pic
Caramel Custard! Sridhar shared this.

Another trend I noticed is that the number of WhatsApp forwards are falling drastically. One major culprit, the school group is now muzzled by the admn so it's very quiet. I also realised people don't call on their accord. Mostly they wait for others to call. I also realised that the average call time these days is 20 minutes!

HANS India has discontinued its Sunday supplement so the column 'Life's Like That' with Subbu and me finally has become a victim of COVID 19. New Indian Express is continuing its 'Canteen Fundas' bravely though I wonder how long that will last, especially since the media is badly hit. Anyway, no column this coming week so I am chilling off for a bit.

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