Saturday, April 4, 2020

Anjali - And Maya

Ever since Anjali adopted Maya as a kitten, Maya decided to return the favour and has adopted us. Every day she is around the house somewhere making some demand or the other of us from 6 am onwards. The light goes on and she starts her demands like an old hag.

I like the relationship Anjali has with Maya. There is no melodrama and lots of space. Maya can come and meow all she wants and some days Anjali just does her own thing. No I-have-to-do-this-as-my-duty attitude to Maya. She does her own thing, Maya does her own thing. But then, when she feels like it, Anjali gives Maya her food or milk or whatever and chats her up and stuff. Those are times when Maya gets small tour of the kitchen before she is shooed out again.

Now, I warm up slowly to people and things and when that happens I normally assume full responsibility (which I realise is not required). I'll be hanging on, doing things like I am supposed to be doing them, duty-bound mostly. Terrible way to deal with relationships I know. I'd like to be more like Anjali - just follow my spirit instead of making it a should-do.

By sheer persistence or sheer ownership Maya has broken through the defences of Shobha and Lakshmi also and they feed the cat every other day, these days. I am fine being where I am and Maya also senses this. We keep our distance.

These days Maya has a boyfriend. I saw the fellow - a thuggish looking white chap. Not nice at all and I would reject him outright. Just the kind of a thug that nice girls fall for - I wonder where their sense goes. Shobha also does not like this new addition to Maya's romantic life. Anjali just smiles when I tell her I will beat these weird-looking boyfriends if they show up at my house.

The other day I went to Anjali's room and found her at the window. 'What are you doing?' I asked. 'Talking to Maya,'' she said. Maya had perched herself on the wall near Anjali's window and I could sense a quiet communion between the two. 'I am talking to her but she is not responding,' said Anjali.

One of those quiet friendships. Good for both of you. 

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