Friday, April 10, 2020

Anjali - Take My Money and Give It Away

Anjali is in her own world these days - online classes, reading, her favourite shows, Zoom chat sessions with her friends, table tennis, chores - and apart from the meal times, I find she is pretty busy. Yesterday before going to bed, she suddenly came and asked, 'If we have to give food to people who don't have food to eat, how do we do it?'
Pic courtesy - Satish Nargundkar

Shobhs said that she has already donated to a few people who are doing the job of preparing and distributing food.

'Can I also donate?' asked Anjali, with zero hesitation.

'Yes, of course,' said Shobhs.

Anjali went in a raided her box and returned. 'I have 560 rupees only,' she said sheepishly. 'Will that be ok?'

Shobhs asked her. 'Are you giving away all your money?'

It's typical of her and Anjali said yes. I have seen her raid her box and empty it without any thought of holding back anything for herself. I can never do that. Wonder when I will learn to be like that. See need, give - that's her policy. N planning, thinking, how much to give, how much to keep - complete trust in the flow. Good for you Anjali.

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