Thursday, April 23, 2020

Life in Lockdown - Day 30 of 44 (or more), April 23, 2020

Day 30

So that's 30 days in lockdown. Well done. So a chilled out day at home with a few calls, a short visit to the grocer, and chores. Some writing work and then I crashed for a long, deep sleep in the afternoon.

Chitra Sent a Poem
Here's a lovely poem Chitra sent. 'Homecoming'. It's lovely.

Sridhar Gets Going - He and His Colleagues Feed 1000 Migrant workers
Sridhar Neelam, my mate from engineering college and MBA, avid cricketer and a fine, compassionate human being, and now the Commissioner GST, Medchal Commisionerate, shared on our MBA group, some good news.

One person he knows, a member of the Vidya Vaidya Aadyatmika Seva Sanstha, Chandanagar, was feeding migrant workers at Chandanagar. Sridhar, who was contemplating contributing to the CM's Fund, decided to pitch in here.
The Vidya Vaidya Aadyatmaka Sanstha
He spoke to a few friends and colleagues and they got together 60 k between them from their personal purses, enough to feed the 1000 people for two days.
All set to go to the site
Today they went to the locality and distributed food prepared by the Sanstha at Chandanagar. There were three groups of people he said, migrants from Bihar who were working as construction labour, beggars who were herded into a function hall and those who do menial jobs on a daily basis and are stuck without work.
Checking the cooked food 
The GHMC organises some food for them and NGOs like VVASS help out. Each packet has cooked rice, dal, pickle and buttermilk. The sanstha appears to be linked to a temple and the members raised funds from some NRIs and others and began with 300 packets.
Long lines standing hungry in the sun
Now they are feeding 1000 people. They have cooks who cook at the site, pack the food and and it over.
Sridhar in the blue shirt
I saw the video and one realises that the people are standing in queue waiting for the food to get to them - or they will be chaos. When I asked Sridhar how they were, he said they looked very hungry.

Sambasiva Rao garu of VVASS and Sridhar and team, wonderful work. You're the heroes of the day!

Two Amazing Stories
Palsana - Migrant Labour Paints School
From Palsana in Rajasthan came this lovely story of 54 daily labourers from UP, MP, Haryana and Rajasthan, who were housed in a government school as precautionary quarantine. They were cared for by the local community and given good food and essentials. The group decided to give back to the community and offered to paint the entire school which had not been painted in ten years, and repair it as well. The school teachers and the panchayat started a drive and raised money and the workers went and repaired and painted it. Now it's good as new. Shankar Singh Chauhan, a painter from Haryana led the painting team while Tara Chand, om Prakash and others took up repairs.

Man Walks, Hitchhikes 2900 km from Gujarat to Assam
Krishna shared this story of Jadav Gogoi who travelled 2900 km from Gujarat to Assam, walking and hitch hiking. He started his journey on March 27 and reached his home town on April 20. Along the way he lost the 4000 rupees he had with him and his mobile, both got stolen. But he somehow made it, in bad shape and was put into quarantine and to recover. There are no limits to human endurance it seems.

No food pics today. Wonder what happened to the chefs.

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