Monday, April 6, 2020

Life in Lockdown - Day 12 of 21, April 5, 2020

Day 12.
After a doubleheader of romances last night and some late night reading of Bruce Lee's bio, I slept like a nawab and woke up at 11 am. It's been years since I have done something like this otherwise I am up like a sentry in the morning as if someone is stealing my morning's away. Not since my drinking days of course, when I would wake up at these times. So the entire routine went into some slow motion until I caught up. Apparently our maid Lakshmi wanted to join today and we told her to chill for some more days. What a turn in the ways of the world!

Happy - Courtesy Satish N

Journal, calls, messages. Then I decided to mop the floor which was not the most pleasant of chores since the handle of the mop decided to divorce the mopping side and despite my best efforts, they kept falling apart. Anyway, I persisted and completed the job. A delicious lunch of jeera rice and some black dal and it was time for table tennis. We played for close to an hour before I headed for my column writing work.

During the day I also got a message from Nisha about friendship and stuff and how we should forward it to 18 best friends. I added some of my own twists and sent it off to some nine - another nine to follow tomorrow. I got some replies which was quite heartening - obviously it is not one-sided - my love.

Afternoon I spoke to EP Srinivas my cricketing pal and it was nice catching up with him. Calls to Dr Sivaraju about the online class tomorrow, Niveshan, Bhupinder, Ravinder (happy birthday) and one incoming from Abhinay was all I could manage after the late wake-up activity.

The evening segued into some music, and some writing, and then it was time to shut off the lights as requested by the Prime Minister. I was not a big fan of this activity but then Shobhs and Anjali saw no harm so we sat inside in the dark while a candle burned outside and many others burst crackers as if some demon has been vanquished. A confederacy of dunces.

No movie all day! I cannot believe this. Maybe I should make up tomorrow. Maybe not. I have a hang on one column. I guess I'll leave it at that for today. That other column can wait.

Also my early happiness of losing weight thanks to shortage of food etc has now disappeared with food being abundantly available and all worry about that going out of the window. Licious is delivering chicken and stuff, fruit vendors are plying their carts here in the colony, Swiggy is out in full form. No lessons learned. But we haven't used Swiggy yet. The last bastion.

What's the Future Like?
Hmm. If ever the world goes back to what it was, I wonder how it will be. How our relationships will be. Whether we will be suspicious or welcoming. Whether we will learn or not.

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