Friday, April 17, 2020

Life in Lockdown - Day 24 of 40

Day 24.

Quiet. Journal. Pocha. Cleaning. Preparing for the class - last one today. Lunch. Sit with Anjali and make the Powerpoint.

Last Online Class for UoH, DoD students
Niveshan, Hyma, Sruty, Bhavya and Satya attended. Most have poor connections and other problems so they could not join. We had a good session and we ended with a pic of the screenshot. Every year we normally get a picture of the entire class - I'm wondering if this year it will be only this. 4 of the 15. That would be sad. Anyway, we at least have this.
Me, Hyma, Bhavya, Niveshan and Sruty
Meditation. Sit in forecourt. Dinner.

Preneeja - Heroine of the Day
Now Preneeja is a rare youngster. She read 'This way is easier dad', called me, said she wanted to meet, came home. I read her blog and she writes well. But what's even more interesting is that she does an amazing amount of social work for one so young.
With the children at the orphanage
Preneeja runs a registered NGO called which bridges the gap between the underprivileged and those who wish to help. An incident that occurred almost a decade ago got her into this work. Preneeja had moved into Bowenpally and decided to donate books etc to the nearby orphanage -Tara.
A little kid, all of two and a half, climbed into her lap while she was talking to the management, and slept in her lap. When she was about to go he held her hand and asked her if she would come back again. 'I never slept like this in anyone's lap,' said the youngster. Touched, Preneeja became more involved in social work. The psychology student worked on her own until she established Life Efficacy Foundation.
Winter clothing
She constantly sends messages about some need for an orphanage for sanitary pads, books, stationery, fees.
With a delighted inmate of an old age home
Her NGO has winter drives where she collects money and buys sweaters, blankets, winter essentials and gives them at old age homes, orphanages. She conducts fundraisers to raise money, sells greeting cards made by the children, gets used books, toys, clothes, celebrates birthday of the kids. The motto of the foundation - We Live Only Once!

New books
Books and a new library for the school
Last winter she sponsored 600 winter kits. She supports 47 kids education at Prabht High School, Khairtabad, redid their library, has distributed 3000 sanitary pads at Rainbow Home for Children, Musheerabad. She does it quietly, patiently and gracefully. She runs the NGO pretty much singlehandedly with some help from her parents. I am so impressed with her.
Preneeja - out on a mission in the lockdown
With the lockdown and its attendant problems, there is no way that Preneeja would be left out of the action. As a trained counsellor and psychologist she does free sessions for those who are having mental health issues, domestic violence and discord at home due to the lockdown.
Life Efficacy
Responding to a call from the police and doctors who had heard of her work,  she raised money and bought groceries, masks etc for 45 migrant families (65 members) who were stranded at Charlapally. (200 kg rice, 50 g dal, 50 lts oil, 50 kgs wheat flour, 25 kgs salt, 20 kgs potatoes and onions etc). For the 500 masks, she employed single women who were rescued from domestic violence and who live at the Sahyodaya Shelter Home at Nallakunta and paid them so they have some livelihood during this lockdown. Then she got police permission, got scanned and went ahead.
Women at the shelter home making masks

Fully loaded
After the first donation, she got information from the police when she went to get a curfew pass, that there were 20 migrants near her house who needed her help. She is now helping them. She feels that the work will need to go on for more than a month because they will not be able to get up and running as easily and is fully committed to helping. Super job Preneeja.
Some help

For those who want to contribute here are the details.
Life Efficacy Foundation
Ph. 91-7075539990

You can reach Preneeja at
Instagram preneeja_peelukhana

The account details of the foundation are
Kotak Mahindra Bank, Bowenpally, Secunderabad, Telangana
A/c no 4912972585
IFSC KKBK0007530

More power to Preneeja and Life Efficacy

I'm getting some really interesting food pictures these days. Today I got this from Krishna Prasad, who made a Turkish egg.

Turkish egg
How Will I Meet People After Lockdown?One concern - how will I meet people after lockdown? Would I want to meet them or not? Only time will tell.

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