Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Life in Lockdown - Day 35 of 44 (or more), April 28, 2020

Day 35

Quiet day. Watched a movie called CIA last night starring Dulquer and am seriously wondering why. Anyway, the morning chores now include starting the car and idling it for a bit after yesterday's scare.
No outing day so did some writing.

National Geographic - January 1966 - My Older Brother
Wow. Found this magazine in a pile. It's older than I am and better preserved too, looks like.

An Idea - One Meal Per House
While checking out the long lines at the main road yesterday for food, I realised that if we can develop a system where each house packs one meal a day, for one person or two, and keeps it ready by 12 noon, and someone can pick them up at that given time in a pushcart or so, we would have 200 meals give or take a few each day in our colony. Flats would have some 20 meals. It won't burden people - all we need is a pickup time, a pickup cart and delivery. No worries about non-standardisation, it's perfectly fine as long as it feeds someone.

Let me bounce this idea on our colony chappies.

Online Mango Delivery in Hyderabad
I saw this floating around. If you want mangoes in Hyderabad, you can call 7997724945, 944 from May 1 onwards and they will home deliver 5 kgs packs for Rs. 350. Worth a try - but wait. It's only on from May 1.

Lots of Cooking 
In the absence of much stuff to write about, we only have cooking stuff today.
Sanjay was enthused to try his hand at cooking and he began today with simple rice and leafy curry.
Apparently, it was well appreciated at his house.

Not to be outdone, the other Sanjay, aka Mama, sent some pictures of stuff he has been cooking at Houston in the US.
Turkey kheema
Ridgegourd and Ladies Finger
Ginger shrimp

Quite a cook he looks like.

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