Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Lessons Others Taught Me 1 - Kumar 'Results or Excuses'

Kumar was my boss at ITW Signode where I worked in the capacity of a Sales Executive in the early 90s. The day I met him, Kumar, an IIM, Ahmedabad graduate and a classmate of my brother Ram, told me just one thing.

'Hari, whatever you do, you will find what you look for. You either look for results or for excuses. And you will find whatever you are looking for. So be clear what you are looking for.'

Such a powerful lesson. In so few words. I used this lesson in my book '50 Not Out' as well. As sportsmen, we also realise that there are times we are looking for results and there are times we are looking for excuses. And we end up finding what we are looking for.
Pic courtesy - Satish Nargundkar
When I speak to others, or when others speak to me, I realise that those who look for results don't bother giving excuses, or justifying themselves. They take it on the chin and go about it. When someone starts justifying, giving an excuse, you know where it will end.

Thanks Kumar. Big one.

And thanks Abhinay for pushing me to do this series. It will be a good one to share.

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