Monday, April 13, 2020

Life in Lockdown -- Day 19 of 21 (now 37..), April 12, 2020

Day 19

Life's going swimmingly well, to borrow a phrase from a movie I saw recently. I'm amazed at how my days have filled up, how I don't have time to complete what's on my list, and how the weeks are just going over. Time's fleeting by my friends and that can only mean one thing - the lockdown and I have become good pals. I think this could be default space forme even on the other side.
Pic courtesy S Nargundkar

Up and about, journal, Bruce Lee's bio (finished it), got a column draft going, chores, lunch, table tennis, a few incoming calls, meditation, refine draft, dinner, and day's done. What the hell is happening to time?

Column came in the HANS and few found it funny and few thought it was a serious article. That's not a good sign with funny articles if they are taken seriously.

Anyway, the good news is that I saw a film called 'Falling Inn Love' which showed a bit of New Zealand, got done with the book. I have precious little to report.

I've got to find out where my time's going. Project Time.

Anjali and her friends did an interesting thing today - they set up a Zoom meeting and watched 'Madagascar' together today. Very cute.

How Will I Behave in a Restaurant after Lockdown Days?
I guess I'll be incredibly grateful to the restaurant people for having me there, for serving me, for giving me an experience out of my home. The balance might shift you know - from them being so customer friendly and we being so full-of-ourselves. We might start treating them like people finally.

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