Monday, June 28, 2021

Sights During the Morning Walk

 I come across some really interesting sights during my morning walk. Most of them are small shops that I love, with people already at work in them, some interesting people, sometimes animals and their human friends. Sometimes I get some fun pictures, sometimes I don't.

I thought I'd do a series on small businesses - like shops out of a window almost. I could get only one though - a biggish shop - a pumpchar shop (puncture shop). In fact the first time I heard of a Pump Char shop is when this guy under Sanjay's room had one such. Here I found two gentlemen waiting in front of a reasonably sized shop, for customers to pop in with their punctured tyres and egos.

And near Vengal Rao Nagar I see this old man clad in a coat, in a rather impoverished state. He does not look happy or unhappy, does not appear to be seeking anything, just sits there on the pavement by himself. As always I wonder how he must have been as a child, what he saw in his life, what aspirations he must have had. I wish him well and lots of peace.

And then I saw this couple one day, the husband seems to be recovering from a stroke, and the wife is ever so kind and compassionate as she walks him so gently, carefully, slowly. Again, one of those karmic relationships one feels. Beautiful.

And this cute little fellow, snacking on some spilt milk I am hoping, or something healthy, looking expectantly at the GHMC worker. I am not sure what the worker did, but I know most are kind so it might have got a bite. And I hope it's alive and kicking.

This is a bad pic and I'll hopefully get a better one - of this young ten or eleven-year-old who is manning these fruit shops in the area beside AG Colony. All bathed, fresh at 7 in the morning. Good on you kid.

And so life goes on, this way and that. Everyone seems caught up in their own thing.

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