Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Anjali - Zor, Zindgagi and Sona upto Mischief

 Now the pups are growing up a little and are getting more and more mischievous. They fight amongst themselves, tear anything they can get their teeth into bits, run off with Lakshmi's chappals and so on. Here they are.



Guarding the house!

They constantly park themselves on the front step and make piteous sounds to be let in. And if you don't open the door they are at it, clawing it. Once they are in, they gambol all over in a disjointed way until Anjali takes them all out. Overall, they are at the perfect pup age when they look so cute and adorable.

Meanwhile their mom Akela, is still injured though, she's healing. Anjali takes care of her medicines and bravely ventures to put a bandage or take it off. I'd never do anything as brave as that. Good for them they have Anjali.

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