Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Anjali - And Akela and Her Pups Take Leave!

 It is amazing. Akela and her pups - the fiesty Sona, mischievous Zindagi and ponderous Zor, have left the safe environs inside our compound, under the cars, and have moved out into the big, wide world. They have only moved out of the compound, and now rest under whatever car or vehicle is parked there but to us, it is almost like they have said - 'Thank you for hosing us all this time Anjali, but now we cannot burden you any longer. We will find our way in the world.'  

I find it amazing, this behavior. Dogs normally don't leave they say. I wonder what Akela sensed that she feel it is better for Anjali that they left? It seems like a thoughtful gesture, way beyond what I can conceive, heroic even, to expose themselves to the outside world, and save Anjali some distress. By moving out they are reducing her responsibility in many ways - kind of weaning away from her. (Today a large dog came and grabbed tiny Sona by its neck outside and Anjali quickly went over and rescued it - after Akela fought that dog away.) The pups are constantly under threat of being run over, stolen or attacked. The only comfort is that they are now old enough to forage for some food. Of course the pups do come into the compound and into the backyard to play and fight playfully.  

But then, that's life. And we make our choices. I am amazed at Akela though, at its love for Anjali who did all she could for her and her pups through this 50 day period. (And still continues to.)  It's such a nice story. One that we humans could learn much from.

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