Thursday, June 24, 2021

India Loses the World Test Cricket Championship - Lessons to Learn

 India, despite top billing, lost the final of the World Test Championships to New Zealand. We cannot take away anything from New Zealand because they have beaten us in the one day World Cup and for all purposes beat England too in the final and they have beaten us here fair and square. In fact we may have many lessons to learn form this tiny cricket playing nation about what cricket is all about. 

Some lessons that come to mind are about leadership, playing together like a team and doing the small things right. Other factors could be the way they keep an eye on reality and make adjustments to the process.

There is much talk that goes on about process and how we should not be worried about the result as long as the process is right. But there is another important angle to this - if the result is not right most times, then we must revisit the process, the execution. The result is the outcome of your process, the feedback on your system. When the results are a bit stark and in your face, we must have the humility and learning mindset to analyse what went wrong, revisit the process and make necessary adjustments. In the end, the outcomes must reflect processes and must be used as valuable feedback for the processes.

Of the many lessons, I hope this is the first one to learn. To accept mistakes, to correct them and not look for reasons elsewhere. It is not about one session or one Test - New Zealand have ticked more boxes with far lesser resources than we have - and twice. Including winning the crucial sessions. Ponder over that instead of glossing over it.    

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ovalsports said...

It is great lesson for Indian players New Zealand team given a tough competition with Indian. Kane Williamson captaincy is very excellent.