Monday, June 7, 2021

Anjali - And Akela and Zor, Zindagi and Sona Leave

 Just like that!

One day they are right here under the cars and this afternoon we find that Akela has upped it and left with her three pups. Not that they have gone far - they shifted form under the Santro and Ertiga and moved under a car outside on the road right next to our place.

Anjali found them, enticed the sad and scared Zor to come back along with her, played with it. This morning she gave the adventurous Zindagi who ran into some puddles from the look of her paws a bath and scrubbed her.

For the most fleeting of seconds her face showed disappointment when she said - 'They left Nanna. I know it is what we wanted and what I hoped for, but its still...'. She played with Zor for a while and let her go and then said - they look like they're saying thank you for having us all this time.

And then she put this thought aside and went on to do her homework while I , who did nothing for the dog nor the pups, sat with a heavy heart. Hopeless sentimental fools.

I'm still waiting to see if they'll come back gamboling. What made them leave 

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