Saturday, June 26, 2021

Thought for the Day - Live Like You Have Everything, Work Like You Have Nothing

 I think I finally cracked it.

Courtesy Satish Nargundkar

One problem with having nothing is that you work hard so you can everything, if not, something. However the fear that you don't have anything will always make you work in a manner that will never get you anything. So the key is to live, like you have everything and work without a care or fear.

That way, you'll work without fear.

But then, when you feel like you have everything, you may not feel like working anymore and may simply become fat and boring. So to defeat this possibility, you must work like you have nothing. That way you will show some hunger towards your work.

I know its a bit convoluted, but I am going to try it. If someone has to fool me, I'd rather it be me. 


Abhinay Renny said...

"If someone has to fool me, I'd rather it be me. " I like this thought sir. A lot of ownning up things.

Harimohan said...

Zero-risk position!