Monday, June 14, 2021

Anjali - New Dog Discovered in Bad State

 Amid all the fun and games with Akela (her paw has healed wonderfully by the way), Anjali discovered a new dog lying under our neighbour's  car. 

'I think it's dying' she said when she came in.

Now, what does one do with dying dogs? I was hassled because i had a column to write. Shobha asked me to check with the colony people - not much use. Then she browsed and found a number - People for Animals. She called and found one Javed who said he could send an ambulance by evening (by which time this dog that was barely alive would have gone to heaven). He wanted a video and Shobha sent it.

Surprise, surprise, an ambulance showed up with one young boy and a driver who did all the handling and receipts etc. He said it was a four month old dog with distemper and they'd take it along and treat it. they took the dog out (our neighbour very kindly refused to move her car to facilitate any ease in removing the dog). Shobha gave them a donation.

Anjali, who was rather distressed with this death situation finally emerged with the pups. The PFA man said its better not to have the pups roam around near the place where the distemper affected  dog was lying. He offered to give the pups some deworming injections and went off promising he'll be back tomorrow.

I don't understand why I am suddenly surrounded by dogs all over.     

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