Saturday, June 5, 2021

Anjali - Emotional Intelligence

 I was feeling a little low as far as my writing projects were going. I broached the topic hesitantly while we were at lunch and in a manner of speaking Shobha said 'You could always do your lectures etc,' which I was already, but since my entire focus was on how stuck I was with my writing I felt she meant that perhaps my writing was not working. I nodded and went into my room to work off the blues when Anjali dropped in.

'Do you know how freakin good 'The Men Within' is Nanna?' she asked. 'Who can write a book like that? Why are you even doubting yourself? You are a wonderful writer Nanna, the very best...'

She would have gone on and on if I had not pulled her close and hugged her. 

How did she realise exactly what I was feeling and what I wanted to hear? 

Shobhs came in and I told her that was what I was feeling inside and what Anjali had told me and Shobhs explained. 

'I didn't mean it like that,' she said. 'All your books have been critically acclaimed. You have a readership and your columns and blogs are read. Don't ever think you're not a good writer.' 

Thanks Shobhs. But a huge thanks to Anjali. I am amazed at your emotional intelligence. It will serve you well girl.

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