Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Anjali - And Then There Were Two

 Sona and Zor continue on their journey with Akela, with all the enthusiasm and joy as before. Anjali has also made peace with the passing of Zindagi. Shobha has put up Zor and Sona for prospective adopters on her Facebook page - so far no takers.

Akela, Sona and Zor resting under the Santro

Life goes on as the three have now moved back under the Santro which is relatively safer than the road. Every now and then I hear the two young ones bark and worry if they have picked up a fight with someone bigger than them and hope they are OK. Of course every now and then Akela picks up a fight with poky dogs who seem to venture in just to trouble her and the pups.

Sona settling scores with Anjali's slipper

But otherwise they are full of beans and look forward to playing with Anjali at all times of the day, coming into the house behind her and playing with her slippers and any other random stuff she might give them to knock around. These days they mostly sleep, blissfully.

Zor - Bagged!

And life goes on.

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