Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Anjali - Where There's Love, There's No Fear

 I can think of no better explanation. Anjali, as would most people, is a bit squeamish about blood and crushed bones or flesh, and that includes me. When Akela got injured in some fashion and came back with a horrible wound on her paw, I stayed far away, not wanting to upset her.

But Anjali went near her, carefully, checked out her paw, reported how badly it was. 'It's fully covered in blood,' she said. She did not say, you do something, or get upset etc which is what I would have done, but checked with her friends and advisors - Niveditha and Pallavi, got some volunteer to come and got medicines.

Ever since then she has been regularly administering the medicines with utmost care and sensitivity and I am amazed how she goes near the injured Akela and does it. I caught her doing it yesterday again applying some Betadine, some ointment, while Akela lay on her side, and allowed Anjali to pet her.

True, when there's love, there's no fear.   

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