Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Another Crop from Mom's Mango Tree

 Now that the mangoes have grown some more, I informed Vasu and he arrived early in the morning. We got on the terrace and got down to work - i.e. Vasu got the stick ready, climbed up and plucked and did all the hard work while I waited below, caught the mangoes and piled them in the bag.

I could not believe it but we got around 150 mangoes again - add the earlier 250 its 400 - plus there are another 50 or so left and another 50 that have gone to ground. I am blown by mother nature, by this abundance.

And not just that - the fruits look so healthy and large. Mom - every time I look at them I remember you - remember nature, and its abundance.   

Waiting for them to ripen now!

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