Friday, June 11, 2021

Anjali - The Pups Are out on the Road!

 Yesterday I went walking in the colony and found the pups running about on the road, oblivious of the dangers the road contains. They were walking about foraging for food, running under cars and playing about.

Zindagi out on her own

For a moment, my heart worried for them. And then I realised, we must have been like that too. Going out for the first time into a world full of danger and beauty, lack and opportunity. 

Sona and Zor doing their own thing

It's part of the process. Its their life and they will live and learn.

Zindagi in her new domain

From the confines of our house, now the whole world is theirs. I could see the expansiveness, the freedom, the choice, the edge of life they will live at.

Under the auto on the road

And I am sure, they will keep coming back as they do to Anjali every day. 

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