Friday, June 11, 2021

Thought for the Day - How Much of Our Time Goes in What Doesn't Concern us

 But everything concerns us - from Biden's views to Kohli's clothes to what Priyanka said or Alia's take on the world. Maybe it does but as long as I cannot do anything about it or do not see those things touching me, I would rather focus my life on myself. So I have been completely ignoring the world around me like that ostrich which buried its head in the sand (and was spotted by the chap who made the wrong connection) and have been focused on my own little world filled with puppies and all things nice when there are so many things to worry and fret about.

I have been off the news about vaccines, their efficacy, how they might kill us or if they don't how the virus will or if it does not how hospitals will, or they they don't how new variants will, and if they don't how governments will - it all seems to be headed to the one grand certainty. So I decided I could live without the fear, without the extra information which is rather useless to me right now - so I already have vaccinated myself - what will I do if they say its good or not now. 

Nor am I concerned about the economy, about mental health, about climate change, the lack of propriety. Nor about who won the Nobel or the Booker, who made millions or who is the richest man, or who died or whose birthday or anniversary it was. I am not concerned about tragic stories or even nice stories, celestial events or astrologers, junior doctors pay and criminals ruling the world. I am not worried bout corruption or about war in the world. I am not concerned about the evil designs of China or Pakistan or whoever. I am not concerned about the Sensex or stocks, about rising petrol costs, dying elephants in the zoo, miffed politicians. I am not concerned about appeals for help, people popping out of nowhere in the inbox. I am not concerned about fake reassurances about bombastic lies, about gurus who preach and teach, about disciples on their quest to get ahead in the spiritual queue. I am not concerned about ayurveda or homeo, health insurance or real estate prices, the daily dose of family and friends murdering each other, of loot and rape.

My life as it is today is limited - to my house, my books, my computer, my TV, movies, shows, music, a walk in the neighbourhood, watching the trees and the greenery, listening to birds, watching puppies, cleaning windows and doors, cutting and eating fruit, drinking water, eating food, breathing. 

In and out.

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