Monday, June 14, 2021

Sandeep aur Pinky Faraar - Movie

 Dibakar Banerjee and Varun Grover team up to bring this run movie of a scam-tainted, pregnant-with-scamming-bosses-child banker, and a Haryana cop who is under suspension whose boss tries to use him to bump off the lady with  baby bump (which comes into play later on thanks to a sex-crazed bank manager who gets turned on by pregnant women with baby bumps) and how the two need each other to stay alive.

As always I find somethings rather odd. If she is a Director in the bank with some 1500 crore deposits, she must have enough clout and cash herself other than what she has in her handbag. If boss wants to get her killed he could as well bump her off in an accident or even a supari hit than use an anti terrorist operation - against a senior banker and a Haryana cop! The fun part which must have appealed to the writers must have been this - Sandeep is the girl, Pinky is the guy!

It becomes more and more bizarre and not the kind that will hold your attention. As for the poor child out of a wedlock, the writers bump it off in a needless murder from an attempted rape by a bank manager in Pithora who wants to have a one-night stand with his bank director. And the ending is even more bizarre - Arjun Kapoor dresses up like a woman or a transgender and dances his way out on a Lakshman jhula under the very noses of the boss and other ATS cops!

Madam Sandy goes to jail, sir Pinky to Nepal. All's well and that ends well. 

Where are the Malayalam movies?  

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