Sunday, June 20, 2021

Anjali - Happy Father's Day!

 Anjali is a great one for surprises and planning etc and is very old fashioned in that sense because she takes care to order what she wants in advance  so the gifts reach in time. I knew she would do something special and thoughtful as she always does and she did.

Happy Father's Day!

So the moment she woke up she gave me and hug and wished me a Happy Father's Day and handed me a gift wrapped in a shoe box covered with newspaper with some nice pictures cut out of the papers. There was this nice card she made, a yellow shirt made of card paper with the card inside wishing me. Inside the box was a book - 'The Plague' by Albert Camus with a message that she likes Camus and that she hoped I liked the book too. And there were five Pilot pens to do my writings which is so thoughtful of her again.

Of course Shobhs decided to make it special as well and ordered in some nice food from Hard Rock Cafe. And Prarthana, my niece, ordered some wonderful dessert for me from Pune.

Thanks you Anjali (and Shobha and Prarthana). For making it such a special day.  

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