Thursday, June 17, 2021

Anjali - Zindagi Grievously Injured

 And this evening, the one thing we dreaded happened. The pups keep going off to play and forage outdoors and these days spend quite a bit of time outdoor. I set out for a walk at about 5 pm and all three followed me to the gate and outside and I could not resist taking a picture of them.

Sona, Zor and Zindagi seeing me off on my walk!

I came back an hour and half later and found Anjali, Vajra and Shobha around Zindagi. Apparently she had just been attacked by a big dog while she was playing outside and was in bad shape. She had deep bite marks on the side of her abdomen, deep enough for her to leave pools of blood, was in a state of shock and could not move when she tried to move her hind legs. A friend later told me that dogs commonly attack the spine and paralyse the ones they attack.

Zor and Sona came and slept alongside Zindagi. Shobha called the People for Animals and they were like god send again - this time their vehicle was at Kukatpalli and two young boys came in half and hour. They said it was perhaps paralysed but they would do some physiotherapy and it might recover. All information would come tomorrow when we speak to the vet.

Zindagi was bundled off into a carton, made as comfortable as she could. Even as they lifted her e could see a pool of blood where she was lying. Shobha wished her well, asked Anjali to wish her too. And after she left, Shobha broke down. It was very traumatising for all of us, and though I have been very stand offish as far as their care was concerned, I felt sad to see the playful pup go to an unfamiliar place, with such grievous injuries. All we could do was send her energy and good wishes.

Life is life that. Shobha said 'I wonder if we could have done any more? Protected them.' But we did the best we can. Anjali was amazingly stoic through this whole episode. Though she was with Zindagi comforting her, cleaning her, holding her, seeing her pain, she was like I said stoic. 'I have become rather used to this since ajji's death,' she said in a way of explanation.

Zindagi being taken by the PFA volunteers - Get well soon!

I could not keep images in my mind of Zindagi in a distant and unfamiliar place for a while. end her energy and good wishes and hope the best thing for her happens. Lots of love Zindagi. Loved the way you'd roll on your back when you saw us, or go at my ankles, or stick your head out beside the gate. Until later then.       

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