Thursday, July 1, 2021

Anjali - All's Well On the Dog Front

 Things are chugging along well on the dog front. Akela and Zor and Sona (who have now grown a bit in size) have comfortably taken charge of the front yard. I see them all lying at the door, with Sona generally blocking it by sleeping right across it. The issue now is what to do with them. So far no one has responded about the adoption on the stray adoption site. Anjali was eager to adopt one, but there are two of them and that's two too much.

Sona and Zor in slumberland

Fortunately the dog trainer who comes to train Anjali's cousin Chimu's German Shepherd Icarus (Icky for short) noticed the pups and said he would try to place them somewhere. Anjali said if one gets adopted, she would adopt the other. That also takes the dilemma on choosing between Zor and Sona out of our hands because the onus of choosing would be with the adopter! So we're hoping something good comes out of this and both pups will find homes (one in ours).

Akela will find her way surely though she seems to have headquartered herself in our compound for the time being. Yesterday Anjali and me were walking to the kirana shop closeby when we suddenly realised all three were following us. The pups sensibly stopped after a little distance but Akela followed her mistress all the way to the shop and back.

I am amazed at the relationship that developed between Anjali and the dogs. Akela is so pliant when she is around. The two pups are so rowdy and Anjali brings them into the house a few times everyday. They trot about, play with her, fight or just roll on their backsides and chill off. It's such a joy to watch - from far - for me.

So until the next update, all's well in our doggy world!     

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