Friday, July 30, 2021

Thought for the Day - When We Hit the Bottom, We Meet God

 There's an ego within us that makes us think we can do it on our own and it is this ego that makes us drive through against the flow, not seeing other options, holding us and only us as the sole reason, our way as the only way. And in our narrow mindedness, in our tunnel vision, we see no other way.

Pic Satish bhai

We hold out against all other ways with our ego, our pride, our singular focus that only we can crack it.

Until a time comes when we are at the bottom and we are looking at failure so stark that it knocks all ego out, that we have no more pride left, and we give up and surrender. A moment when we feel immense relief at having set aside the load we were carrying so long, all alone. A moment when our one way is gone, and we are ok with all possibilities.

It is that space when we have hit rock bottom and all we can do is laugh in relief at our own stupidity and since we have nothing else, we surrender. Whatever happens is fine, all possibilities are fine. Bring it on. I won't fight it anymore.

There, at the bottom, when all ego has finally left us, when we are naked, when we surrender, we find God. We find the weight falling off, new possibilities around. And we can begin again. From God. (Or our true selves or whatever we like to call that).

Like they say then, empty yourself, scrape out that ego, find that bottom.    

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