Monday, July 12, 2021

eCanteen Fundas - Process vs Outcome

 Use outcome as feedback for your process!

E-Canteen Fundas: Find pleasure in the process and outcome to get the right result

Bhaiyya, Rahul once heard his favorite sportsman say, ‘Focus on the process and the results will take care of themselves’. Ever since he’s been studying at his own pace and getting poor marks,’ said Rinku.

‘But I’m enjoying the process, yaar,’ said Rahul. ‘Marks will take care of themselves.’

‘Rahul, the idea of focusing on the process is also to get the right results,’ smiled Rakesh. ‘It doesn’t mean we ignore the results. Right processes get the right results, one leads to the other.’

‘But how will focusing on the process improve results, bhaiyya?’ asked Rinku. ‘Shouldn’t we be focusing on the results to improve the results? The fear of bad results will make us study harder.’

‘When we focus on the results — marks, winning, performance and so on — we put unhealthy pressure on the outcome and on ourselves,’ explained Rakesh. ‘This extra pressure and fear interfere with our execution during the exams and we don’t achieve the desired results as often or as easily. Worse, we don’t enjoy the process and, at times, resort to unhealthy shortcuts to get results. We miss the purpose, which is to gain critical knowledge, though we may end up with marks. So, we neither enjoy the process nor get the desired outcomes by focusing on the results.’

‘How does focusing on the process help?’ asked Rinku.

‘When we focus on the process, we focus on what’s important,’ said Rakesh. ‘The process for studying could be about choosing the right timings, perfecting specific topics, getting help, following the right routines and so on — all aimed at developing a robust process in line with gaining knowledge that can be sustained over a lifetime. Each day of engaging with this learning and improving process becomes a winning outcome in itself, which makes learning enjoyable and a growing experience. And when we approach exams as an extension of this process, we end up gaining knowledge of the subject and also getting better marks. It’s a healthy, long-lasting system, not a temporary quick fix. That’s why we focus on the process.’

‘But what if I’m enjoying studying and gaining knowledge at my own pace?’ asked Rahul. ‘Why do I need results?’

‘Your results will show whether your process is right or not,’ said Rakesh. ‘Treat your results as feedback. If you aren’t getting good results, look at your process. The right process delivers both — an understanding of your subject and consequently, better performance in exams.
If not, your process needs to be looked at and adjusted to get the right results — knowledge and marks.’

‘Thanks, bhaiyya,’ said Rahul. ‘Now I know how to enjoy the process and also get the right results.’

Pro Tip: To enjoy the journey and get results, focus on the process. Use results to calibrate and adjust the process till you get the right result

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