Sunday, July 25, 2021

Thought for the Day - The Thought Must be Fragile, Carrying No Weight of Doubt, to Be Creative

 A creative thought, one that creates a possibility, is one that is pure and unburdened by any doubt or attachment. We all have many thoughts and we wish for many things - I want that, I would like this and so on but almost all of them are burdened by our doubts and our attachment and charge to it. The volume and intensity of work does not make them creative simply because they are already stopped mid flight. Like children whose potential has been clipped by the doubts of their parents and teachers and friends, our creative thoughts freeze and remain in thought form.

But if we can manage to send eve the most fragile thought that came to our mind for the briefest of seconds, one that goes 'I would like it if this went perfectly...' and it escapes into the universe before our doubt and judgement and attachment weigh it down, that is the thought that can grow to its full potential and become a reality from its thought-form.

Create those thoughts and let them go unburdened into the world of possibilities and watch the miracle unfold.  

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