Friday, July 9, 2021

Lovely Talk - Making Careers By Choice by Dr D Vijay Kumar

 Lovely talk. I got an honorable mention too! Thanks Vijay.

Vijay is an educationist, someone who is passionate about education. I have known him since college, when he was passionate about everything he did, and with a huge smile and wonderful energy. You could always count on him for original and honest perspectives. I must share this one. When I invited him for the launch of my first novel, he turned up and asked me what I was going to talk about. I muttered that I was not planning on talking much thanks to my stage fright, when he told me it was  a great opportunity to express my views, one which I must have in the book. Those words made me think, rethink, and I put together the essence of my thoughts, my vision, in a shot speech. For that, a wonderful lesson in coaching, guiding, I am always grateful to Vijay.

Listen to the man himself!   

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