Thursday, July 8, 2021

A Nice Customer Service Experience

 I had some work in the LIC Office at Paradise, Secunderabad and I geared myself up for some slow service. But I was surprised to see how efficiently they handled it. Right from the office boy who directed me to the right officer and also sold me revenue stamps it was a breeze.

The AAO, one Ms Manjeera if I am not mistaken, instantly saw my policy, told me where to sign, what to submit, where to get revenue stamp etc. When I submitted the form and the papers she had one small hitch - I had the original identity proof but she needed a copy of that.

I looked dejected.

Then she smiled and said 'It's ok sir, I'll note down the details of your id proof. Why unnecessary trouble for you to go and get a copy.'

I was so grateful for her thoughtfulness. Such a pleasant change from the sadistic people we would encounter earlier who would throw the rule book at us and make us suffer. Good work Ms Manjeera, you are a wonderful ambassador for your company.

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