Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Anjali - Sona In an Accident!

 Just when it appeared that the worst had passed came this sad incident. The pups and Akela go about foraging for food and I do see them in places where they appear vulnerable - sitting in the middle of the road, sleeping under cars and so on.

Sona sleeping it off in Anjali's room

I woke up to loud yelping and it sounded really serious. Anjali had taken off like a hare as she always does when she perceives danger to the pups and she returned with Sona in her arms. She sat and checked it for injuries and said there was no apparent injury. Sona, poor mischievous Sona, was apparently run over by a car (the blighter did not stop and sped away). It appeared that it damaged its hind leg.

Sona was looking very forlorn. She would not move from her place and it was clear that her left hind leg was immobile. She lay down, shivering with the trauma and pain, not whining and crying out. Anjali recalled that she was the only one who had not whined when they got their vaccine shots. By evening, it was clear she needed help. A vet was found by Shobhs and we set out to Nagarjuna Hills where the vet was located.

I stayed in the car while Shobhs and Anjali went with Sona, Anjali carrying her as carefully as she always does. Apparently the doctor confirmed that her leg was fractured after taking an X ray, but they could not do any procedure because she appeared anemic and they feared there could be internal hemorrhaging. A blood test was done and we were sent back with some medicines awaiting the reports tomorrow. 

Sona is sleeping in Anjali's room tonight. She looks a bit better, walking a bit as well. Hoping she makes a full recovery. Get well soon Sona.

And Anjali, they are lucky to have you.

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